Tuesday, 21 January 2014


This migraine shit is killing me. Been suffering from migraine since yesterday night. Only on the left side. Though I've frequent headache/migraine, it rarely last for more than a day. Usually only for one night and sleep would be the best cure. But this time, it's at its worst. Popped two painkillers yesterday and went to bed at 1200 because i couldn't take it. Glad to clear some work though. I thought it will go away on its own but I'm wrong. Still suffering from it though i had an afternoon nap after class. It was worst when i wore lens for class today. My left eye felt really weird, it kept twitching (sort of) and i had to keep rubbing. The pain is like pounding and it's continuous. I don't know what's wrong.

Been spamming medicated oil, hoping the pain will subside a little. Just popped two painkillers. Damn. Did a bit of research and realized that the cause isn't known. But thankfully, i don't have any vision disturbances. Read from some websites that coffee helps but i don't want to have insomnia (class at 0900h tomorrow wth) tonight. So i decided to have some nice, hot tea instead. While checking my school portal and doing some work, I'm going to play some nice piano pieces. Oh, and i read that Yoga might help to prevent and lessen the chances of getting migraine. Might consider taking it up again.

I hope it would help. Please, go away tomorrow. 

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