Saturday, 18 January 2014


Time Check: 2.17am
So surprised that I'm not exactly very tired though i didn't have my usual afternoon nap.
Past week felt like I'm having my holiday.
No school from Wednesday-Friday due to this and that, LOL.

Been working on my report and I'm pretty glad to have this deadline extension! 
On the other hand, i can't wait to submit it next Monday so i can start on my other projects 
:( / :) 

Pretty productive Saturday. Completed tutorial and WISP.
Mad rush for WISP but i hope everything will go well! 
Also filtered out my emails and i'm pretty happy to received these two emails though it's all 'bout work. (: Such happy week albeit the workload! 

Finally tried this cafe for brunch ♥

W39 Bistro & Bakery
39 Jalan Mas Puteh, off West Coast Road, Singapore 128637

According to the owner, it's around 10-15 minutes walk from Clementi MRT.
But we took Bus 78 and walked less than 2 minutes :D
Not very hard to find, it's towards the end of those shophouses, near those bike shops.

I'm pretty thankful that the crowd wasn't that bad. 
Late for 0.5h but still got our table secured. 
Made reservation for 1.30pm but only reached at 2pm due to my punctuality issues. D:

Alfresco seating.
I would definitely make reservation because i don't wanna sit outdoors.
-Battle with the heat/sun
-W39 is pet friendly which means there're dogs around

Pretty sure my cafe in future wouldn't be pet-friendly :/

I really think they should serve breakfast menu on weekdays too.
But i can't wait to try their mains! Probably after CNY. :D

Eggs Benedict ($9)
Don't really fancy the egg, but they were nicely poached.
LOVE the ham and toasts! 
Gonna remind myself to bring my little brother to try it!

Hearty Breakfast. ($13.50)
I prefer the sunny side-up to poached eggs!! 
The rest were really good! Reminds me of the big breakfast from Fika Cafe. :)

Seared Tuna with Avocado Salsa, Soy Glaze & Wasabi Mayo ($12.50) 

It's pretty much perfect! Everything complement so well with one another.
I really wouldn't order this if not for all the positive online reviews.
Don't take tuna, avocada and wasabi, but this dish is GREAT!
Not spicy at all and just really unique taste! Wouldn't mind ordering it again:)

Best thing is, the cafe provides wifi! 
That's a plus point and smth i would want in my future cafe ;)

No comments because i didn't even try it hahaha
it was these two guys who sat beside us order it.
I really wanted to take a shot so i requested to 'borrow' it. HAHAHA
to be frank, i highly doubt it's gonna be nice. would taste just like any sponge cake.
reviews aren't that positive either.

One of my favorite cafes. ♥
I think it's affordable with good ambiance.
Maybe the place is a little small so all the tables are pretty near one another, making it too uncomfortable to chat. Other than that, it's really worth a visit. 
Looking forward to trying their sake mussels & panini!! 


Everything is pretty much back to normal, slowly but surely.
It hasn't been easy battling with all these mental stuff but really, it's all in the mind. 
Being happy is just as important as being healthy & I'm taking it to a whole new level - by taking it easy, one step at a time. :)
No more emotional rides, no more crying, even reading Lang Leav's quotes isn't that saddening anymore. 

I'm still very much in love with sad song though, HAHAHA


Time Check: 2.49am,

Goodnight x

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