Saturday, 11 January 2014


Getting older.

I can feel myself getting older, literally. Went for OH duties for 2 consecutive days and i was drained! My roster was from 2pm-6pm for both days and when i reached home, i'll bathed and went to bed straightaway. Yes, that's how tired I was. That's when i know i'm getting older. my feet were aching from standing for only 4 hours. :/ What happened to those days whereby i ran around for camps and not complaining? 

When i was with the Ambs, our duties were one full day (for 3 days straight) and i wasn't even that tired. now, that was 2-3 years back. And i could go for SJAB events, which start as early as 7am, and still have the energy to have dinner aftermath. 

For now, during weekends or 'free' day, i just want to stay in bed all day long not wanting to move. I don't even feel like going to town because i get tired so easily. i would very much prefer sitting at Starbucks, chilling and not-doing-anything-productive. 

Sigh, where has youth gone to? 

On a random note, i'm so happy to make ONE new friend yesterday and it's all fated because she went on the same OIP trip last September but we didn't even talk then. So glad that we've common interests and i hope we'll go cafe-hunting soon :) 


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