Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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Current favorite - on repeat everyday 

杨坤 ♥♥♥♥
Have to spam lots of hearts because he's SUPER SUPER SUPER charming!!!!
姜还是老的辣! He's 41 but omg, so suave! Ok la, i REALLY NEED to say his wrinkles damn sexy
WTF i feel like a sicko but really sexy! AND HIS BODYY. Please come to Singapore for your concert, tyvm!

On a side note, been watching China variety shows ever since the return from Wuhan.
From 谁能 to 爱情保卫战 to MasterChef China to Voice of China.
How come their variety shows so entertaining leh, make me sleep at 6am -.-

Meeting my 东西方美女s for Christmas lunch tomorrow ♡
Ahhh, haven't buy the gift for exchange :( 

Coasta Coffee's Buttery croissant while waiting for W

Kith Cafe || Park Mall
9 Penang Road
#01-01E Park Mall
[Opposite Plaza Singapura]

The weather was a bitch. Rained from late afternoon till evening.
We had to run from Dhoby station to Park mall without umbrella :/ 
Drenched like crap please. -.-

Kith was crowded when we arrived at around 8pm.
No seats indoors so we settled for alfresco. Was soooo dark. :( 
And i didn't know they don't have all day breakfast. (till 5pm only
couldn't try their big breakfast which is highly-raved. 

NEXT VISIT!!!!!!!!

Carbonara. Too dry/sticky. Won't order again. 
Definitely tryin' their aglio next visit ﺕ

Smoked salmon pizza. GOOD!
 would try other pizzas the next time ;)
reminds me of Peking Duck pizza at California's~

Upset that all the pictures turned out rly bad  :( 
Would visit in the day the next time so i can take prettier pictures of the cafe.
wanted to take the interior and their cake counter but we chatted till 10 which is their closing time. 

Our bill came up to $50 for 2 pax.

So happy to meet W before she leaves for Japan!!
It's amazing how we can chat non-stop and about everything under the sun.
Thank you for all the advice Xxx
HAPPY THAT SHE LOVES TO WATCH 谁能 too, hahaha. WE HAVE ONE MORE TOPIC TO TALK ABOUT, HAHAHA. We are in unison whenever we talk about that particular episode.

Braved the rain for supper with little brother. ♥ 
My 2 bucks supper, SHIOK.

Two new reads:)
Started browsing through Lang Leav's quotes and i LOVE them!

One of my favorites and it reminds me of special someone, xo

Happy Thursday, Xxx.

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