Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Santa Claus is coming to town ~~~ It's Christmas eve! 
Not very into Christmas so it's just a few gatherings with friends. :) 
To be frank, idk why will people (specifically, locals) travel down to town just to see the Christmas lights/decorations and tree. I thought it's always the same every year?? I get frustrated when I have to squeeze with people and be stuck in traffic jams. Not to mention that EVERYWHERE is so crowded!
But oh well, i guess it's the ambiance in general. 

Simple catch up and Christmas gathering in town!
(PS. We're forever meeting in town because that's the 'central' for 4 of us considering that both Bel & GM stay in the East while F & I stay in the West! Maybe we could explore ulu cafes in future!!)

Had complimentary Polaroids taken by some young girls
I forgot what they were doing.. movement of kindness or smth along there 
BUT THANK YOU ANYWAYYY because they took 4 so that each of us can keep one ♥

Desserts @ Everything With Fries

Had nutella crepe, apple crumble pie and lava cake. 
Love all! 
It's the companion that matters most & always nice to catch up with them because we don't ALWAYS meet due to hectic schedule and for the fact that we don't stay very near one another )': 
We always say we shouldn't be meeting during SJAB events because that simply doesn't count! Like c'mon, we don't chit-chat during events cos all of us are busy running 'bout.

See ya'll on 28th !

Got this 2 bucks HK bottle, SUPER CUTE! :*)

Went over to JB on family day to try this !

City Square - 6th Floor
J6-09 Level 06, 106-108, Jalan Wang Ah Fook, 80000, Johor Bahru.M'sia.
Business Hour: Mon-Sun (10am - 10pm)(Last Call 9.30pm)
Reservation: YES (On weekdays only)

*Wanted to make a reservation because I read from other reviews that they queued for half an hour, but we went on Sunday so no reservations allowed :( Thankfully, no queue and we got a good seat imo.

Reminds me of that toilet-themed cafe we visited in Wuhan, which is also why i insisted of visiting it! I think both have the same Chinese names if my memory doesn't fail me.

Their menu has more variety than the one i visited in Wuhan.
But i think their version of 'spaghetti' is so far from ours.
Their spaghetti is basically 炒面, like those tze char stalls, LOL.

Exactly like the one in Wuhan!
Bad lighting though ): 

I think this area is the most interesting in the whole cafe !
it seems like those toilets in Kampung. 
unfortunately, cannot sit all 5 of us :( 
I wish i've a decent camera to capture those pictures in a better quality. such a waste ~

Had another free mocktail after liking and checking in on FB 
Funny thing is, bro also ordered the same drink -_-

Alfresco area! 
Only realized the alfresco area when we were done with our meals. 

Takeaway counter! 

I think it's the concept which attracts people to visit this cafe.
The food is only average, only the cheese baked rice is above average cos the cheese is so rich and creamy!  (: 

Our bill came up to RM 128 for 5 pax, around $50.
I guess it's pretty worth it for the decorations, ambiance and of course, family bonding xxx

Walked around City square and saw this necklace
It's so pretty that picture doesn't do justice! Feels so princess-y and elegant!
I forgot why i didn't purchase it, but pff, major regret ):


San Low for dinner at 8+
Waited for a while before we got a seat and waited for another 0.5h before our food was served 
Gosh, their business is forever so brisk 

This trolley for customers to put their drinks and another misc stuff reminds me of those restaurants back at Granny's.

Must-have when I'm in JB >> ai-yu 冰

MUST HAVE at San Low. 
it's their signature fried bee hoon - so so yummy *drools!!
If we don't dine there, we will go to their smaller outlet (idk where) to takeaway the bee hoon, that's how much we love it! :D

Ostrich meat.
Erm frankly, i can't differentiate the various meats wtf. 
I tried deer meat previously and i think it tasted the same -.- 
So i wouldn't even know if those meat they served is really ostrich. 
BUT! it's nice ;)

Other dishes were just so-so, would only go for their ostrich meat and bee hoon!!

Finally, went home and the traffic was so horrible~

Did some research of cafe in JB and i can't wait to visit 'em!
the only thing is transportation but i guess cabs would do the job. 
Being 'out of Singapore' (albeit only JB) makes me miss traveling a lot. 
I pray -cross fingers & toes- that all the trips in 2014 will /come true/!

Back to reality, mundane week though it's Christmas. 
Working on thursday and meeting over the weekend.
it's another week to school and i'm so looking forward to it... NOT :\ 

Oh yess, stellar-avenue is giving complimentary registered postage for ALL purchases (no minimum spending) for this season of happiness !
SHOP NOW >> stellar-avenue.livejournal.com (click!)

On a side note, i'm amazed that i typed this whole post on my Macintosh, lol.
Not very familiar with this window so i'm still exploring ~
And trust me when I say I'm not tech savvy, so i'll probably take a long time :(

But for now, it's dinner !

MERRY X'MAS, xoxo.


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