Tuesday, 10 December 2013

if you love a flower, don't pick it up. if you pick it up, it dies and ceases to be what you love. so if you love a flower, let it be. 
love is not about possession. love is about appreciation.


It's mid-week! 
2 papers down, 2 more to go :)
halfway to the finishing line!!!

Freedom is near.
Just gotta hang in there for the next couple of days and it's 3 weeks break!!!
The thought of visiting new 'hidden gems' makes me happy J

Galaxy kind of day.
Thinking of selling it away though.. :(

This picture depicts a messy exam scene.
I cannot study/revise when the table is too clean/tidy, lol.
And i hate taking things out from my pencil case and putting them back again (cycle continues) so i'll just leave everything on my study desk and only clearing them when there's paper that day. 
Cannot wait to clear all the preloved stuff after exams. Gonna sell away a huge lots of stuff :\

Had Top 1 dry ban mian (♥) after FMM paper.
It's such a killer paper because there isn't any 'quality check' 
basically EVERY SINGLE THING was tested. funny thing was, there were a couple of questions which wasn't even taught -.-

So nice to have ban mian on such a chilling weather.
I do love the weather now, but just hope there isn't any rain. 

Tried the new Kampung burger but it wasted my calories.
Everytime when i try their new burger, i'll always say "should have stick to McSpicy"
No exception this time L
Even their McChicken is better!!
But the sauce in the new burger tasted pretty familiar.. just couldn't rmb where i've eaten it

This is random but i'm quite keen to visit pulau langkawi next year. my first visit was a horrible experience because of that stupid motel. it isn't fit for humans because it's for horror movies. i will never forget that WASHROOM. eewww
i was on the phone with Aunt two days back and told her that if we're planning a tour next year (usually Uncle will plan a tour and get neighbors to join us, for cheaper prices, lol), we have to stay at langkawi lagoon resort!!! 


Let me pray that this visit comes true :)


Ok, ending abruptly hahaha. I think I'm updating cos i'm bored (and refused to start revision). I don't have much else to say, because my life is so mundane and I need to (must) get back to my notes, and also, hang in there for the next 3 days of... maths. i hate numbers and my calculators. Bye.

PS. Maybe lunch first, hahaha, boring notes


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