Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fika // I Am

Hola! It's the holiday season! ♡
Common tests ended last Friday and oh boy, that paper was a killer!
Talking about common tests, this is probably the toughest one because I couldn't get myself to sit and revise. Talk about procrastination, yes. my attention span was so much shorter than usual -.-
Idk why, ever since internship ended, it's so hard to memorize things, not to mention, letting it stay till the paper ends. When I was in China studying, it was so hard, and i have realized it. I thought it's just because I'm overseas and got this 'holiday mood' but no, i was so wrong. 

Sigh, idk how to get through the exam in February. 
I had to 'persuade' myself to do revision and whenever I've the mood, it will only last for 3 hours or 4 hours max :( Really can consider working after graduation.. On a side note, really hope i can pass all modules! Worried for GBT :( Worst thing is, it's all technical/maths modules this time round. I would very much prefer modules like CRM/MPR etc. Actually WISP isn't too bad cos I like writing essays....

Sad school stuff aside, it's time for 3 weeks break before hell starts again. 

Fika for brunch with the clique after paper. ﺕ
Wanted to try I Am but the kitchen wasn't ready :( 
Nevertheless, it was a blessing in disguise cos Fika is good!

Fika Swedish Café and Bistro
258 Beach Rd
Singapore 199539

So near to SJ HQ but never dine in before. WHYYY it's so good 

Don't exactly fancy their ambiance but it's cozy enough. Maybe i prefer the vintage look.
Got a little too noisy & crowded as it was near lunch hour.

Swedish blueberry/ rosehip drinks. Only had a sip and left it there. :\
Certainly not for me. 

All 5 of us had Fika breakfast set & tea/coffee/milk :) -$19.90-
it's so yummy! really love it and i'll go back to try beef pannibiff !
saw someone having it and it looked so delicious ;)

Snapped some pictures at the graffiti area of Haji Lane before heading over to I Am for rainbow desserts ♥
Just wanna say that the above shot (taken by tw) has this vintage feel and doesn't feel like Singapore haha! Ok la, maybe exaggerating but got this feellll

I Am Cafe
674 North Bridge Road, off Haji Lane. 
Singapore 188804

Easily accessible/visible at the entrance of Haji Lane.
Only thing is, there's no air-conditioning so it was pretty warm.
I can imagine the heat if it wasn't for this chilling season. :/

Definitely going back to try their main course !
Read that their fish and chips and burgers are highly-raved :D

The lady on the left is SUPER FRIENDLY!! x 
I had to stand at the counter and wait just to snap a picture of the entire rainbow cake and she chatted with me for a while. So nice, humble and friendly :) Got to know that I Am is a friends' business. 

I've changed my home wallpaper to this cos the colors make me so happy xxx

Rainbow Crepe - $8.90 

Rainbow Cake - $8.90 

Ordered both the cake and crepe to share (:
Don't fancy the cream cheese (a little sour imo) and i think i would love it more if it's vanilla/fresh cream.
But the sponge cake is nice & soft and overall not too sweet ﺕ 
Gonna bring mommy to try it cos she said the picture looks so good! 

Rainbow crepe tasted like simplified version of pancake.. Taste is nothing too fanciful (actually, it tasted a little bland with a hint of choco) but it isn't sweet too. 
Doubt i would order this again. 

Bushramint - $6.90
This is so refreshing!! Like cordial fruit punch but 100x better hahaha.

Stir It Up - $6.90
Taste is a mixture of oreo, chocolate, nutella and mocha. NICE! :)

Yay, strike off two cafes on my to-go list :) 
Nice food, good weather and awesome company made my TGIF!
Very happy to spend quality time with them after hell week. 

Been slacking this weekend and got a new read 

Got to know of this novel online.
Since it's highly-raved and i was captivated by the preview online, decided to get it.
Can't make up my mind if i should start on it or continue with Sophie Kinsella #toughchoice

So Sunday's life update -sad& happy-
Completed 5.5 semesters of school (omg swear i'll miss np), getting a couple of new reads next week, catching up with friends (Christmas catch-up), new 'clothes' for macbook. LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS COMING WEEK ♥♥
Sad note, watched it again & felt so heartbroken :( 
Never had someone whom I felt so strong for. Sigh, time to get back to reality.

Beautiful quote. :')

Side note: Getting Lang Leav's <3 and misadventure because i love her quotes so much. Much love to tw who told me about her. xxx

Time to catch a nap, :)


Ugh, just gotta get this out. -angsty-
It's so irritating. Please don't ignore. I would rather you reply /no/ than to just ignore totally. Wtf? So wrong about you. Totally. Quiet doesn't mean nothing, ok fine.
-crap, shan't be too quick to judge next time-

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