Monday, 30 December 2013

Bye 2013; Hello 2014!

#playing: CNBlue - Love Light
/rarely listen to Korean songs but this rhythm is pretty good, not to mention that Jung Yonghwa is so Uzzlang (haha, learning the language LOL)/

It's the eve of 2014!!! OMG cannot believe that 2013 pass by in a blink of an eye!
Since it's going to be the first day of 2014, it's also my beloved mom's special day so we are heading for some yums Korean BBQ tomorrow night :) 

Spent the final weekend of 2013 having meetings, watching Jackie Chan's new movie and catching up with family over some good food. To be honest, the movie wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it pretty much! We were in the theatre and i quickly google-d for the story line (so that i get an idea of the show) and read quite a number of negative reviews. The plot is very simple and i do think that there were too many 'flashbacks' But i enjoyed watching Liu ye ;) i think it deserved 3.5 stars :)

Back to topic - 2013 has been a great year for me, as compared to 2012. I guess I 'grew' more in 2013, mentally. Survived all the obstacles and boy, i'm pretty glad the year is coming to an end, on a happy note. :)

Some of the happy visuals from 2013 ~
(let bygones be bygones, and i'll only remember the happy memories, keeping those sad ones in my heart and learning from those experiences) 

Had our last presentation of Year 2 - PCB 
I remember this is probably the 'most work' project because we did a mini photoshoot just for the cover page & re-printed twice (or thrice?) Yeah, toughest work but it's all worth it x 
And also one of the rare times when we had a class photo taken tgt. 
Am so glad we sticked together for the past 3 years rather than splitting class every year. Final semester with them when school starts next week.

CNY gathering (February) at my place with CF & also studying for finals :( 
One cons of Poly is to be ALWAYS studying whenever it's the festive/holiday season -.-
I miss CF!!! Been very very long since i last saw her.. (first row, last picture)
And i tried this new make up (drawing a heart at the bottom of my eye just cos i watched How to be a heartbreaker MV, hahaha) Taking lots of camwhore pictures after trying that look ;)

Start of my new journey in late March - Internship.
it's one of my 'achievements' this year for surviving this tough journey. :) :) :) 
Looking back, i'm pretty glad for being posted to that company for it made me stronger and somewhat curbed my punctuality issue. (i'll still be late la sometimes, but i guess it's better now haha)

#OOTD (?) by taking with the beautiful mirror in the washroom (third row, last picture)
Hahaha. forever taking pictures in the washroom because it's sooo nice & cozy.

Confession of a Shopaholic always reminds me of my six awesome girls. (last row, first pic)
I don't get why i always laugh at the SAME EXACT part even when i've watched umpteen times.

(last row, second picture) Though it's been a couple of years, i still remember why i wrote that in my phone. I get different feelings whenever i see you. It's always the same yet different feeling and it'll never change.
I don't know when it'll ever end but i wish you happiness always, x.

Virgin visit to Marche with my loveliest bunch (first row pictures)
I miss the potato!!! -food makes the world goes round-

Reminiscing NDP days in 2008. One of my best times in secondary school and extremely grateful for the one who LIED to me just so i would join. Thank you so much, though i'll never forget that ridiculous lie. ;) 

Chicken rice for lunch after NDP briefing (last row, last picture
That stall opposite HQ which we always patronized during the theory phase of OTC.

And I'll always keep in mind that, Bad days only last 24 hours. 

Most of the pictures in the collage show my second Navy OH with the same old babe (hahaha) 
Went for blood donation on the same day and bumped into YS.

Last picture of magnum is given by a very very nice (and special) guy. (: 

Every June, it's always the month of ANCO. 
Every single event reminds me of the reason why i'm holding on ♥
And how much i love working with this bunch yet having fun at the same time. 

'The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you hold on for so long'

Every August, it's NDP :) 
This year, i'm happy to 'participant' again and watch the show live. 
Can't wait to watch it live again next year in the new stadium. :) 

I don't know how to describe watching NDP every year.
yes, it's the same old thing, i don't deny that. But it's always a different feeling. 
& I love watching the sea of Singaporeans enjoying the entire show, that kind of feeling yes. 

Last event of the year donning on my full uniform. 
Still remember marching as a CC a year ago. Time never fails to fly.

Lunch at Swensens after our OIP briefing. 
Amazed at the dry ice which came with our desserts, haha. Cheap thrill.

One of the happiest month which explains, 24 little squares 
Even 24 little squares cannot express how much I love/miss the entire trip.
Though there were home sick times, got it over with and enjoyed the 5 weeks in Wuhan.
I miss those carefree days without stress. It's purely fun and happiness. :D

wan·der·lust: a strong desire to travel

Learnt about Whitagram when I was in Wuhan (many thanks to S) and have been using it ever since then. (Very evident from the pictures LOL)

2013 is also the year when I started visiting all the hidden gems (by that, i mean cafes) in Singapore. 
& Park is probably the only one serving REAL mediocre food. :/ 
But it's always the company which matters most x 

Virgin try at Blackball. Gotta say it's overrated. Not sure if it's because I tabao back home and all the ice melted :( 

Favorite salmon from Makan Place which costed only $6.40 
Always having it on Friday during the mini break. oh, miss it.

First ever PD - Zombie dash. And maybe the last one too. 
Still hoping to go for F1 next yr though. My eight characters clashed with F1 because something will ALWAYS crop up whenever i decide to go for it. Tsk. 2014, please be good :')

Mini Christmas lunch with my lovely girls and i seriously love our gossips. Hahaha. It's no doubt that we are staying in different areas of Singapore but always keeping one another updated through WA. :)
So much love for 'em.

Visited two other cafes with great companions + awesome good x 
More to come please!

Visited T-Bowl cafe in JB and had quality family time. 
I find it really worth it to keep a day free (Sunday) for some quality time with my family because I wouldn't know what comes tomorrow. I don't wanna regret again, and I WON'T let history repeat itself. So no matter what, i'll always keep Sunday for my family, NO EXCUSES. Gonna stay this way for 2014! :)

AHHH, an 'accomplishment' in 2013 - Opening a little shop of my own. No big deal but it has always been my wish so i'm glad it came true in 2013. Though i didn't have much time taking care of this ' business', I'll put in more effort in 2014 especially after I graduate :)


One of my happiest (& meaningful) posts so far because I'm thinking back of how 2013 has been such a good year with no dramas. :D It's not to the extent whereby I achieved a lot or in terms of monetary but how much I've grown, as a young adult. Oh yes, I also hit the big '2' in 2013 ;) ;)

Though I love 2013, I know that 2014 will be better! Embracing a new year with an opened heart and "dreams don't work, unless you do" 


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