Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What a Satisfying Wednesday

Hectic Wednesday ever since 11am (it's 5.10pm now)
It's BCR Day (damn it) so there were a couple of assignments to complete online.
Woke up quite late and got started after washing up.
Got to experience that feeling of fighting procrastination (except this half an hour break because of lunch)
I was literally writing/typing/cracking my brain cells till 4+ 
Finally submitted all assignments and boy, that feeling of satisfaction! :D

For now, I'm gonna rest my eyes (been on the screen since morning and according to my lecturer, his eyes are gonna pop hahaha, gosh my lecturer) enjoy my aglio & refreshing lime juice before doing the APA citation for my essay ;)
Very happy to know that it's a productive Wednesday ♡

Thank you sissy for bringing my favorite back home for me x 

On a happy note, i'm receiving my parcel later (:

Hope, Faith, Love & Happiness

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