Friday, 22 November 2013


Hello Friday!!! 
My favorite day of the week cos I end school at noon (=Early TGIF!!)

A rather distracted Friday cos smth cropped up and I didn't know how to react :/ 
Social media can be such a bitch sometimes. 
Nevertheless, I hope it's a good weekend ahead!

First formal presentation (let's exclude internship's) of final semester and I hope it's the last one :)
Not that i hate formal wear but i've been wearing it for half a year due to internship

Wore SA's Meadow Striped-Zip Dress and i really love the zip detail!! 
A little too short for me though
Paired it with mom's vintage/casual blazer cos idk where's my G2000 one hahaha

And cos I used my laptop for presentation, I kind of secretly promised myself to start exploring MAC.. This is pretty lame but I've got my MacBook around 2.5 years ago but never really get to know how to use it cos i installed Boot camp. I always tell myself to check it out during my holidays but never got round to it. SO NOW, I'M GONNA EXPLORE AND MAKE FULL USE OF IT! :D
Hahaha. End of a lame confession.

With wy, who's one of my group mates for this one-liner project!! ♡♡

Had lunch at Xin Wang HK cafe with the clique during our 3h break yesterday 
It's been really long since i last ate there, don't really fancy their food anyway

HK Milk Tea - my only favorite ♥

I had fermented pork ramen 
Tasted like wanton mee, not very fanciful 

Have launched SA3! 
Check it out here :D

Can't wait for SA4! All my favorite prints, stay tuned!

On a random note, I can't wait for my Taobao parcel to arrive!
Gonna have a new organizer ;)

Happy weekend ahead x

Update [Saturday 23rd Nov]
Yay, my parcel arrived at the warehouse :) 
Only took 2 days to ship from Guangzhou to Singapore! 3 cheers for DHL!
I think i'll try economy air the next round, cheaper.
Looking forward to seeing this postman, :D

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