Friday, 29 November 2013

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist - 100% true

Yay finally all items have arrived (: 
As usual, have chosen express air and shipping only took 2 days to reach Singapore.
Opt for home delivery so the items came pretty fast! 

I think I'll give economy air a try the next time.
Will only take 3-5 days (reasonable imo) and cheaper :D

All the stuff including J's ﺕ

New pair of flats! ($7.38)
Virgin experience buying shoes online because of my abnormal big feet :(
I'm a C&K 40/41 depending on cutting so it's hard to get shoes in physical stores, let alone online.
Plus i don't get shoes online because i don't trust the sizing (cos of my big feet la)
I was quite nervous when I took it out of the shoebox and tried it on. (Had the mindset of selling away if i can't fit) BUT so glad that this pair fits me nicely :) 
Very happy with the quality as well! Wore it to school today and no blisters!! 
Cheap & good quality :D
Finally found another pair which is so comfy! 
(Still love my anna nucci transparent flats though, haha)

The owner has included a pair of heels grips & gel cushion :)) 
Happy that i don't need them thou! 

Tempted to get this gold glittery pair! Really love the shade of gold.
Wonder will it hurt since it's pointy. Just realized I don't own my pointed flats/heels.
Only wear my court shoes for formal presentations. Hmm.

My new chrome hearts ring! -anyhow give name, hahaha- ($1.03)
 I had wanted to search for this hearts ring which i misplaced at Wuhan but couldn't find it :(
settled for this as it looks feminine/sweet. very happy with it and it fits me well too, given that it isn't adjustable. Been wearing it for the past few days.

This is my best buy and most favorite ♥
My previous organizer ended the weekly planning pages on 15 December (so retarded) 
So I've transferred everything to my new (and cute) one so i started December on a new note :)
May December be an awesome month!!

I regretted not spamming Taobao when I was in Wuhan. Items are so much cheaper w/o handling and agent fee and international shipping. I think I'll spam Taobao the next time I'm in China. Hahaha.
And i kind of regretting purchasing so early because it's Black Friday and 65daigou has sales for their shipping charges ): 
Bad move but i still love all my items!

Gonna try purchasing directly using DBS/POSB next time, ;)


It's TGIF and only 11.15pm but i'm tired.
Didn't have school for the past two days so i was so lazy to get up at 7 this morning ): 

Gonna finish up some work and head to bed, x 

I don't know why I feel this way and I shouldn't be.
 This jealousy is sinking in but i know it'll get better~

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