Wednesday, 13 November 2013

L for Life

Argh hate to start writing like this but she (my sister) just had to piss me off -.-
I know there isn't one day where she doesn't (i should be used to it) but she's plain ridiculous just nowww! 
Worst still, bro is going out of town for 2 weeks really soon & i'll have to survive alone :(

Ok, shan't digress~ 
Lunch with the parents on Sunday afternoon
It's nice to eat with them because they always order different food so i get to eat everything (hahaha realistic)
Ok la, also enjoy some family time and telling them interesting stories about school (yes, school life is pretty interesting at times)

Top [Stellar Avenue] || Cotton On Shorts || Transparent Satchel from Infinitepixie || C&K Heels

Outfit details for our routine family dinner on Sunday
Very in love with my new heels & easy to walk in :)
My heels kinda hurt after wearing it for a long time but other than that, it's great :)

Some "me time" after WISP class on Tuesday (went to school for an hour lecture-.-)
Time for some essay again~ It's so much easier than calculations and those technical stuff

I had wanted to do tutorial while having my favorite NY Cheesecake & Caramel Macchiato (i love the above shot btw! sometimes, iphone camera rly does wonder :D) but I was too lazy so I read Nuyou instead :) For once, I don't really feel guilty for doing nothing but just relaxing for 1-1.5h. I wasn't even thinking about anything but just enjoying my food + magazine + people watching :D
It felt really good to be spending time with myself in this fast-paced city!

DIY Manicure - first time trying this color and i love it <3

Visited d'Good Cafe for lunch during the long break!
Had wanted to try this place out ever since I saw the deco the previous time ;)

273 Holland Ave
Singapore 278992

Much love to Tw who came though you were unwell & Wy though you didn't have school in the morning ♥

Staircase which leads us up to the cafe
(a little exercise before some good food :D)

Speaking of exercise, wy & i alighted at the wrong stop (if you ever read this, very very sorry my dear!!) and we had to walk pretty far back to Holland V! :( 
Imagine walking under the scorching sun but we aren't the only ones cos there was this girl who alighted at the wrong stop as well HAHA

Ordered Fresh sea prawns aglio olio and mocha frappe

Self service order counter
No service charge :)

Wy's carbonara~

Would be so much better with more garlic! The prawns are really huge, fresh & juicy! 
Aglio is probably the simplest pasta dish yet it's hard to find the perfect one :(
I miss Zesty nowwwww 

Tw's Eggs Benedict

Their mocha frappe tastes like McDonald's 
I think McDonald is a cheaper option HAHAHA :D

They've wifi and socket points for customers to charge their phones/laptops 
(look at my charging phone at the background of the pic)

They also have this level (3rd i think) for people to do their work/study (:
foresee myself going there often!! but they're forever crowded/noisy

Yay, i love this deco the most! 
I think it's a nice "prop" for photoshoot ;)

They've a lift to the next level but it's scaryyy

Another cafe off my list (yay!) οΊ•


It's 12 midnight and the procrastinated me have to complete my tutorial + project :( 
Haven't really been back on track ever since school started, always doing things at the last minute and catching up on lectures only during the weekend :( 
Sigh, when will the motivation come back? 

Other than school work, have been sourcing for SA's new collection and I'm excited to work with a new model!!! :) Finally all my favorite prints and style! Stay tuned!

Back to school work.
it's pretty nice working in the wee hours because it's so serene & the radio always play nice songs 

I don't know how to describe this feeling but i hope it'll go away because it's weird
it's weird because I don't even know you irl~


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