Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to be Happy?

There's always one thing that sets me thinking: How many people are happy? 
How often are we genuinely happy? How often do we laugh because we feel like? 

Happiness is so subjective. I'm happy having family time every Sunday (which explains why I don't work on Sundays, and not because I'm putting on airs / stuck up - like what one of my ex-bosses mentioned when I had that request, hahaha i still remember how he told me) I'm happy when I visit lovely cafe with great food. I'm happy working with nice people and events which are interesting & meaningful. I'm happy, generally. I don't dread life, I don't feel pessimistic. To be honest, it isn't very hard to be happy because life is so beautiful. It gives me every reasons to smile. 

We only live once and I'm going to lead a happy life, in my own way.

How to be happy? Just be. 


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