Tuesday, 19 November 2013


(It's past midnight now hence it's Wednesday)

It's been a rather slow week but i'm happy that i got my 12h sleep the night before ﺕ
I only had 3h sleep on Sunday night so was literally zombie-fied on a long Monday..
Went to repair the forever-problematic-&-crazy Fujitsu laptop, had the highly-raved ban mian and KO-ed at 9pm. Only woke up at 8.55am (for once, i'm thankful for afternoon WISP class)

Top 1 Home Made Noodles
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-44, Beauty World Centre

I tried their Dry Ban Mian because it has such great reviews.
Verdict: will go back for it again!!!
I love the chili (not in pic), soup and the black sauce!! 
All of it make up such a nice plate of ban mian on a rainy day (: 
Such an irony that i haven't try it before when I used to frequent beauty world cos bro had tuition classes there~
Hidden gem!!

Had tze char at upper bukit timah for family dinner on Sunday
it was a very late dinner cos papa's parents decided to chat at home till 9pm -.-

Hot plate doufu

Long beans. 
Didn't have my favorite sambal kangkong cos it wasn't available ):

Egg omelette

Dk what's this called but very awesome (:

My favorite chili crab!
Sadly, not the best (too much of tomato taste) and definitely would not order again 

Crab's best friend - fried man tou

Ok, we used to frequent that eating place (and even met one of my secondary school teachers previously) but i didn't know their hygiene is so bad!!! 
I've no idea what that black patches (circled in red) were. It's also there on the plate of egg omelette. GROSS :/ 
Mom said they didn't wash their plates thoroughly but we didn't ask cos my parents aren't those who will kick up a big fuss over such issues (which i would if i were them) 

Overall, I wouldn't go back again -sad/disappointed- 

Not sure if it's because of the unhygienic food or smth, i had diarrhea for the entire night after reaching home (which explains my 3h sleep) :\ 
But it might not be the food cos none of my family members got it -touchwood-

On a side note, i wonder if anyone has problems spelling "diarrhea" LOL
I always have no idea how to spell and have to Google (like ALWAYS)

Played Chess in class because I was bored.

// never won once (lol)

Monopoly deal when we had 3h break
The person who scheduled our classes is mad with our 3h break (that's not the worst but guess what, we wait 3h for an hour tutorial) 

My essentials for school.
It's no surprise that i favor big bags more. :D

Had banana pie for breakfast.
It was supposedly for supper but i ko-ed too early hahaha
not that bad since it's sinful to have supper

Childhood favorite (: 
Always munching on this when I'm getting some decent work done. -bad habit-

Finally tried this NUTELLA FRAPPE.
Got the idea here
According to the barista, it's called Hazelnut Mocha Frappe -.-
it did taste a little like Nutella at the start (not sure if i was being paranoid) but more like the usual mocha frappe towards half of the cup -a little disappointed // thankfully i only ordered tall size-
should have ordered my favorite toffee nut instead ):
Gonna try Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino or Rainbow Sherbet Frappuccino soon~


Uploaded SA3 [Sweet Stellar] previews on Facebook
I love the Cain Pearl Black Dress most!! -last picture-
(& i never fail to giggle whenever i think of the name hahaha) 
Hop over now to win an item of your choice, :D

See you on Friday at 8PM!
AS USUAL, nothing more than $25 :))

It's 12.30am now and i'm so happy i cleared both my emails! :D
time for some essay writin' & i hope to tuck in by 2am 

Sad note: 8AM compulsory 4h talk tomorrow *bawls

My currently-obsessed song to keep me company for the night:

攤開妳的掌心 讓我看看妳 玄之又玄的秘密
攤開妳的掌心 握緊我的愛情 不要如此用力


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