Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dreams & Cat

Okay, I am fascinated by dreams once in a while. Why do people dream? What if we are "stuck" in our dreams and never wake up? But nevertheless, I don't like to dream because most of the times, those dreams are unpleasant. Usually I don't rmb my dreams (just now that it's weird/eerie). Only rmb this nice dream where i had a date with my eyecandy (lol) 

First, I dreamt about this yesterday night. I don't really rmb the details but main point is,  I woke up having difficulty in breathing because of blocked nose, wtf. I was walking around (i forgot where) and suddenly heard someone calling me to BREATHE through my mouth. I couldn't (or didn't) and started panicking because I can't breathe. Subconsciously, I know I was having blocked nose. Suddenly, I just breathed normally and it happened once more. This time round, I woke up (irl) having difficulty in breathing. -.-

Then, i had my usual afternoon nap just now. I was looking for a friend at Tampines and this black cat (the one at my house block) decided to follow me. Wtf. I had to climb up 30 storeys to get rid of it. From the other side, I saw that it's reaching the floor which I was at. I quickly ran to this random stranger's house and pleaded for help. Wanted to close the house gates but TOO LATE, that black cat came in to the house. And suddenly, my little brother got this disease whereby his legs are bounded by the cat's body, wtf. I truly think it's my brother (or my friend's brother?) and I chase him out of the house because it's too scary!!! I feel like photoshopping the photo. -.- And i woke up in fright, wanting to check on my bro but realized he's out of town. THAT BLACK CAT IS HORRIBLE. IT'S ANNOYING AND DISTURBING MY LIFE. Sometimes, it just sit outside my house gates and we cannot even get out. There was once it just entered my house and went into the storeroom, wtf. I don't know what i can do :( worst still, nobody bring it away. I'm sure that it has an owner because of the neck leash!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU, OWNER??? I asked papa to bring it away (somewhere further) but he said I should overcome my fear of animals. Kind soul, please do a good deed by bringing it away. 

Meow, stay away from me, damn. 

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