Friday, 8 November 2013

Cafe Hunting x Get-together

Such a happy week because I visited a couple of cafes on my to-go list ﺕ
I love going to cafes cos it's so cosy & nice albeit the mediocre food :/ 
I shan't stereotype but up till today, i haven't really find one cafe with good ambiance and quality food. 
by food, i mean desserts & main courses. :)

But nevertheless, I do hope to visit ALL cafes in little red dot.
And maybe open one of my own too? ;)

PARK cafe || 281 Holland Avenue, #01-01 S(278996)

Very accessible, and visible. It's right in front of Hatched. :)

The food was... too bland (are they into healthy eating?) :/ 
Maybe except the salad which F said was yummy.
Even the recommended PARK wings were just average, maybe even below average. :(
Really disappointing. 
Plus I don't really fancy the ambiance, but maybe cos it was a scorching hot afternoon.

Whatever it is, I doubt there will be a second visit. :( 


Mu Parlour || 16A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277677

Hopped over to this hidden nice little cafe after lunch :) 
It sounds more like a salon IMO, lol! 

Mad in love with the deco! Look at the princess seats (; 

Favorite shot of the day ♥

Red Velvet Cake.
Not very into red velvet but this isn't too bad (: 
F said that red velvet from CBTL is so much tastier! No idea thou, never tried before HAHA!

Didn't get a chance to try their signature burger because the kitchen wasn't operating -__-
Will be back another day to try it out (: It's a nice place to chill and get some decent work done. 
Considering having a photoshoot there soon ﺕ

Oh speaking of photoshoot, side track a little, SA2 [Back to Basics] has launched (: (: 
There's yummy clothes so hop over now @ SA2 !!! 

Mu Parlour's nice deco at the entrance of the cafe 

Really nice to spend quality time with 'em after class :)
Studying is tough so we should have some food time together and just talked crap for hours, hahaha.


Tim Ho Wan || Plaza Singapura, #01-29A

Finally set foot on the famous Tim Ho Wan! 

The queue was pretty long for a Friday afternoon. 
Waited half an hour plus before we got a seat for 2 pax.
Realized that majority of them were tourists. 
No wonder they don't have to work and have the time to queue, hmmmm...

Pretty disappointed by their limited menu, plus when we were queuing, the waitress actually told us there's no more vermicelli roll :( 

I think Swee Choon has more variety~

Legendary Baked Buns w/ BBQ Pork ($4.50 for 3)
This is so so awesome!! 
The crispy exterior totally provides the perfect complement to the char siew (:
If only there's MORE char siew, it would be PERFECT! :D

Dumpling with Spicy Sauce. ($4.80)
Really spicy but it's niceeeeee 

Congee - I only rmb there's century egg in it.
Forgot its name, average taste. 

Big Four Heavenly King - Pan-fried Carrot Cake ($4.50 for 3)
It was pretty crispy on the outside but I truly thought this tasted average. 

Realized that I didn't snap another member of Big Four Heavenly King
THE STEAMED EGG CAKE!! It's so fluffy and soft!!! 
Actually tabao for mom to try and she likes it too (:

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp ($5.00)
Wouldn't order this again. Nothing fanciful :( 

Glutinous Rice Dumpling. ($5.00)
Ordered this cos we saw that almost every table had this. Haha typical Singaporean~
Not too bad but probably wouldn't order it again

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp.
Would be so much nicer w/o the vegetables :( 
Maybe I'll try the signature Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver on my next visit.
Pretty sure Moms will love it (: 

Steamed Prawn Dumplings ($5.50)
Hehe, one of my favorites - HAR GAO!!!!
very fresh huge prawns & the skin isn't too thick to chew (:

Overall, I'm satisfied with this Michelin Star dim sum restaurant
I think just the BBQ bun alone (& steamed egg cake) is worth the queue + penny (: 
Not to mention that, it's pretty affordable!
Would definitely bring mom & daddy there to try their dim sum (:

Oh, food aside, i think the place is rather stuffy and cramped! :/
Too noisy as well cos it's crowded. 
If only they've a bigger place, everything would be better. 

Popped over to Hoshino Coffee (#03-84) to chill -strike off another cafe on my list-

Tried their french toast.
Their homemade whip butter (the white stuff on the left side) tasted like ewww on its own
Not too bad when it's mixed with the toast, LOL

Didn't try their main course cos we were too full :/

With my cafe latte 

PS. It was so embarrassing in the cafe cos I was having hiccups and I hiccuped out LOUD a couple of times accidentally -.- Tsk, i hate hiccups


Happy meet up to end off my week (: 
Gonna be a relaxing weekend - catching up on some work and dramas (yay!) 
Cannot wait to visit more cafes next week!!

Till the next time, ♥

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