Monday, 25 November 2013


It's 1:20AM now and I'm happy that I've completed my essay.. OK no, only 3/4.
But!! I'm still happy which explained why I decided to write a post. i love working late at night/in the wee hours because of my productivity + the radio never fails to play nice songs :D

It's kinda a bitter sweet feeling as I'm left with the conclusion of the essay. Not being weird but it's on the topic which I love (national service) and I'm pretty glad to be pinning down my thoughts on it ﺕ i do hope i'm on the right track though. Spent 3-4 hours on it and had two slices of coffee cake (oh boy, sinful) with lots of water -miss Starbucks- :\

It was a slow Monday because there's lecture from 11am to 6pm (actually good enough because usually it starts from 9am tsk). Had a nice-and-cheap nasi lemak lunch & survived the entire day. Oh, it's gonna be a torturous 2 weeks ahead because of common tests and mom & bro just went back to Penang. 

Things to complete: Countless
Stress Level: More than Maximum

Eyelids are really heavy right now so i'm going to tuck in

Can't wait for third week of December, x 

Much love,

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