Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Snapshots in my life~~~

It's mid-week, yet again. 
Cannot emphasize how fast time flies. :(
It's gonna be November in a week! 

Sometimes, I just wanna leave everything behind & find a place with a slower pace of life. x 

Life has been pretty mundane. 
School has taken majority of the time but I'm thankful for a less hectic schedule as compared to previous semesters. I've three days whereby I end at 1pm and 3pm :D
But I sense a tough semester ahead because all modules are as tough and not to mention, all 4 are examinable :(

Oh wells, reality check - It's final semester so suck it up 

Random note, cannot wait to collect my glass heels tomorrow ;)
Actually reserved a pair in CWP because CM doesn't have my size #sadlife

Keep whatever that makes you happy :')
goodnight, xo

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