Sunday, 27 October 2013

Race The Dead '13 x Stellar Avenue

Popped to Sentosa for Zombie Dash 2013 on the first day of the race (Saturday)
Heard the organizers opened up a second day due to overwhelming response 

At the back-of-the-scenes where crew members were being briefed and zombies were doing up their make-up

Thankfully I didn't volunteer as a zombie (I had the intention to)
Two main reasons: 
-Had to pay to be a zombie ($10 less than runners from what I know, which means it could be 70+)
-Pay 70+ to wake up early in the morning when the sun isn't up and for people to draw on your face + set hair like crazy 

Omg, I cannot imagine how the zombies wash up :( 
Some of their hair was bloody and face full of make up 

Favorite shot of the day (:
I am so in love with pano shots ever since I got to know how to take 'em 

Last obstacle (:
Kinda thankful that I didn't sign up for the race too (as a runner)

Didn't really take a lot of pictures because I was mainly at Siloso Beach. :( 
Really wish to take a look at other obstacles but the hot was too hot and my boots were killing me 

Very very thankful to be back home and had a nice shower. 
Probably the first and last PD ever~

Race aside, had the final GBT test last Friday & it really sucked
To be honest, I am so afraid of failing this module :( 
 it's gonna be so wasted to fail a module during the final semester. 
Please, please, just let me pass. A pass would suffice. 

I think my memorizing skill has deteriorated ever since school started (or rather, during OIP trip)
After 6 months of internship, I can't seem to absorb all the information.
my memory isn't very fantastic to start off with and now, it's worst -.-
Need to google on " how to memorize things fast" lol 

Swee Choon with W on Friday night and I'm so proud that I found the place (: 
My sense of directions suck and I've never been there w/o mom. 
Thankful for GPS and i love the new iOS map! 

On a side note, I can't wait to visit PARK for brunch soon x 


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