Tuesday, 22 October 2013

OIP [China, Wuhan]

Ahh, it's so hard to pin down everything which happened throughout the 5 weeks.
So thankful for all the pictures taken and I'm so happy browsing thru all of 'em! 

It feels really surreal that I spent 5 weeks in China, Wuhan.
Like wtf, did i really spend a month there?!?! TIME FLIESSSSS
All happy memories there and I'm glad I chose to go on this trip (despite the last-minute regret after checking in hahaha!) 
Longest trip thus far but I survived ♥

Pictures speak a thousand words so let's go :) 

some pictures credited to S

Best (and crazy) roommate award goes to her xx

Ohhh my favorite 华莱士!

Cannot rmb my 11-digits mobile number so I'll have to refer to this picture for my number hahaha.

Our presidential KTV room. 88 yuen per hour!!
Super good deal, spent 2 hours there singing our hearts out hehe happy! x 

$2 lunch - customized menu 

15 yuen phone cover ; 30 yuen phone protector 

My blog banner~
Thank you weiwei for the shot! (if you ever read this)

Much misses xoxo


I guess it's really fun & nice to be with good friends for 5 weeks :) 
Eat, sleep, study, play and shop (pretty much sums up our lives, hahah)
really love shopping in china because everything is cheap cheap cheap :D
Went to 虎泉 (which i called Tiger Lake) for like, 5 times because it's just like our Bugis Street!

But, transportation was a bitch. 
Near to 0.5h bus ride to the nearest mall from our school/hostel
Actually, i think the problem lies with the place where the school is located - 江夏大道
So ulu!! McDonald don't even deliver there! It's just like Singapore's Tuas, LOL 

We toured the city for our first weekend tour and went to a few places! 
-Yellow Crane Tower
-East Lake
-Hubei Provincial Museum 

For the next couple of weekends, we went to - 
-Red Cliff (most favorite!!)
-Wudang Mountain
-3 gorges dam

In love with 赤壁 movie as well, hahaha. 
But idk why i'll always fall asleep while watching the show, like a curse. 
But i love Tony Leung & Takeshi Kaneshiro!!! Esp the last scene of 赤壁2 whereby Tony Leung gave 梦梦 back to Takeshi Kaneshiro :')

3 gorges dam was probably the worst trip out of all -.-

On a side note, spent a total of $1000 on this trip - expenses only. 

Overall, a really fruitful and memorable trip which I'll never forget! (:

Hope to be back next year xx


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Thank you so much, xoxo

Goodnight x 

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