Monday, 2 September 2013

Malacca Getaway 2013

It's Monday and I'm off to Wuhan for 5 weeks! (on the plane now)
Yes, this is a scheduled post & I'm finally uploading all the pictures from the Malacca trip in.. April~
(lol, i know it's been months)

But couldn't post this due to personal reasons :( 

It's a pretty much impromptu trip and only decided a couple of days prior to setting off! ﺕ

In the coach. Only a few hours to Malacca ^^ 

Our first hotel.
Errr, pretty decent hotel if you don't mind its unlucky name - confirm lose “保输" lol
We switched hotel for 2nd night (:
 *not cos of the name hor*

The room is pathetically small -.-

BKT lunch

I rmb i had 5-6 eggs everyday! ;)

This creature freaked me out cos I was standing near it without noticing its existence
(PS. It DIDN'T move at all wtf)
Only realized there's an animal when people were snapping away :/

Used to play this when I was younger but i hate the annoying music now :\
Hahaha, used to tell my sis "come, 我们钓鱼"

TSK AT THE MAD CROWD at Jonker Street
I swear I was perspiring like mad 

PS. Jonker Street is MUST-GO in Malacca, cheap food and shopping!

Seafood Supper after all the junk food

New friend! 
She's such a sweetheart and helped us with our orders when everyone else were ignoring us :( Their business is really good!
But i think her daddy (family business) was pissed with us cos she had to ask her dad for answers whenever we asked her a question, lol.

Bro's girlfriend for 2 days (we went back twice)


IMO, it's not a place for people who can't take street food
It's probably the dirtiest & most unhygienic place where i've ever eaten
But i do enjoy the ambiance cos you can never experience it in Singapore
& trust me, it's famous (:

Happy to see teletubbies! *childhood*

Where's cutie Po thou?! :(

Checking in at our second hotel, Aldy Thoo!
It was also a last-minute decision after we "recee" their guestroom.
Very affordable and nice room for 5 of us (:
Cheaper than "保输" hehe.

Shiok to have this after walking under the scorching sun!

Durian ice cream! Had this twice if i rmb correctly~

Love this place the most cos it has this vintage feel/deco!! 

Chicken rice! Average onlyy
Singapore has better chicken rice!!

It's pretty famous i think...

Act cool! :p

Ending with my favorite shot ♥

So this sums up my first trip in 2013 (let's exclude JB, hahaha.)

Gonna blog about days in Wuhan and hope I survive! 

Till next time, ciaos! x

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