Monday, 5 August 2013

Yoshimaru Ramen x Sabaai Sabaai

Virgin visit @ Yoshimaru Ramen Bar~

31 Lorong Liput Holland Village 
Singapore 277742

Luckily we were in time for last order for lunch! :)

*coughs* I gotta have 2 flavored egg whenever i've ramen...

TBH, I still prefer Bari-uma! 
Yoshimaru wasn't too bad but the soup isn't as thick & flavored :( 
We had the ramen set & total bill came up to around 36 bucks for both of us. 

Went over to ION Orchard to get Boost (my daily energizer).
I rly think someone should franchise it to Ngee Ann or BPP, hahah.
I could drink mango magic every single day :D

Went over to Boat Quay for my Thai massage :)
Finally got round to try Sabaai x2! 

 49A Boat Quay, Singapore 049838

Didn't snap the room cos it was too dark. :/
The place gave me an eerie feeling when i first stepped in and the music wasn't exactly soothing, it was more like some hypnotizing/scary tune ;( 
I chose 60mins Thai full-body massage and gosh, it's good! 
The masseuse used enough strength (painful at times) and it was pretty comfy :) 
Would definitely go for it again! 

I walked around Boat Quay after the massage and found out what I've been missing. 
-Spending quality "me" time.
I listened to my playlist, roamed around the place, took pictures of pretty things and just felt so peaceful ♥
I thought about J and realized that I've been so silly... 
The problem lies with me and i MUST face up to reality :( 
Really need to make it up to myself for the lost time, and probably spending more time on my novels :) 

Okay, enough of being sentimental.
A shout-out to this special girl in my life, HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!! ﺕ‎
No extra words needed to be said for we know it all xx 


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