Monday, 19 August 2013

"The beauty of black & white"

"The beauty of black & white"

Really lovin' Taylor Swift's Everything Has Changed :D
A freaking 30 millions views on YouTube & Top 10 in 98.7fm!

Aww, look at my new baby!!
Cute, isn't it? :)
Gonna write about Singapore's birthday soon x

Finally got to paint my nails after National Day!! ^^
So happy to see colors! It was bare for the entire half a year :/

Third visit to Wild Honey!
It's one of my favorite places for All Day Breakfast (:
I rmb I had European on previous two visits. :x

So decided to go for a change, pancakes!! (instead of eggs, hehe)
Tried the Canadian.
It's lovely but i don't think it's worth the price.
Would probably try Mexican next time round. :)

W had Tunisian which i found it pretty much unique.
Not suitable for people who can't take spicy food thou.

I love the ambiance of Wild Honey despite it being a tad too noisy during peak hours.
I would definitely return rllyyyy soon! Maybe I'll bring my mom! x

PS. Bonus point because there's always cute servers! Hahaha. I'm not the only one who think so :P

Headed over to Milly's for our nail therapy before catching The Conjuring.
FINALLY a visit after 6 months! I'm so surprised that Chloe still rmb me!

Big thank you for this lovely set ombre nails! *hugs*
I'm so in love with it and not to mention that it got many compliments! (:
So thankful for Chloe! She has such a great memory! Even rmb my FIRST set of gradient nails.
Tbh, i don't even rmb the color combination :/

She's forever patient with me cos i can't decide on the colors :(
And she's really honest if she thinks the combination wouldn't turn out nice.
Better than those manicurists who just follow what I asked for and turned out to be horrible -.-
PLUS PLUS, she knows exactly my style & what I want :D

See you soon, dear Chloe!! ♥

Happy trip back home & stay safe! x

Umbrella design in Scott Square!
No idea what it is for, neither can i make out the entire design :\
(thought all the umbrellas combine to form a big picture or smth, I'm thinking artistic, lol)

Rushed over to Cineleisure for The Conjuring!
Damn, it takes a bit of courage to google for the pic 

I can't describe how good this movie is.

It's just.. awesome.
First ever movie which made me screamed, laughed & cried -.-
I'm so so so glad that the theater was almost full-house so everyone shouted tgt, haha.
Also the first movie which kept my bum on the seat for 2h!! No toilet break at all
Touched by the last scene too.. Okay, shan't be a spoiler.
Just go watch it!!

PS. It's out on Funshion, and yup, I watched a second time.
Also got spooked at some parts -__- CRIED again at the last few scenes. :'(
Imma scaredy-cum-cry babyy

Sucha charming couple!!!
Why aren't they together irl??? :(
I was mesmerized by Vera Farmiga the whole time,
though she kinda looked messy & haggard towards the end of the movie.
(can't blame someone who sees ghosts all the time, can we?)



Had Jack's Place for dinner with The Siblings after our swimming session the other day (:

Can't wait to swim again x

Virgin Visit~

Went to the branch at Cineleisure (:

I think it's nice having this kind of station so we don't have to keep asking the servers for those condiments/utensils. It's frustrating to wait for servers to bring them to us D:
Plus, there's dispensers for plain water!

S doing some serious ordering, hahah.

Finally we were ready with our orders and went over to the counter

Saw a gift voucher in the tips box, lol!

Their homemade ice lemon tea!
It's sooo good!! Really love it!

Our side dish, double cheesy fries
Too cheesy IMO :/
Probably good for cheese-lovers!

Pasta {Red & White, Mushroom, Chicken Slices & Pan-grilled Fish}
The sauce is pretty good (:

Pasta {Spicy Garlic, Chicken Sausage, Prawns & Seafood}
I was kinda disappointed cos I thot that spicy garlic = aglio olio
Well, not a bad thing to have a change plus for someone who don't really like cream-based pasta, I think this tasted pretty decent!

We had the $6.40 students privilege meal!
So nice to be students, (:
Would be back to try their other dishes!

Caught RIPD, and gosh, it's one of the worst movies.
Felt like I threw 7 bucks down Singapore River :'(
Nearly dozed off tsk. Plot is sucky (actually no plot at all wtf) and seemed like it's inspired by another movie (damn, can't rmb the name)
Should have watched Pain & Gain..

But gotta say the action-packed parts were good! Very exciting in a way!
AND AND Ryan Reynolds is soooo good-looking!

But I wouldn't spend 7 bucks watching him..
I would rather watch Patrick Wilson (Conjuring) again :')


Been slacking for two weeks alr.
Life's so good to sleep late, wake up late, and not worrying about anything (:
My usual routine (if i'm not heading out) would be waking up after noon, have my lunch, surf the net, have my nap, dinner and then read my novels (yes, i'm back to reading!) -> GOODNIGHT
that's my lazy life if i stay home!
Wednesdays & Fridays are blocked for corp training and boy, am i glad to be back! It's 6 months w/o visiting the kids!
On a side note, I think I'm getting a bit of Alzheimer's disease because I can't seem to rmb which day it is of the week. I kept having to check my phone/ask my mom :/
Not a good sign & I'm just lazing my life awayyyyyy

So today, i decided not to keep sleeping but start on some decent work!
Cleared my room (like finally, it's been in a mess since i couldn't be bothered when i was having internship) and threw a way A HUGE LOAD of stuff! Posted a couple of things for sales so please head over to for more details (:
Also did the laundry (mom has stopped nagging, yay) and packed for study trip!!
Got most of the necessities and i hope i don't miss out anything!
Kinda stoked that we're all flying in less than 2 weeks! Gonna miss my beloved ones for 5 weeks :x

Did I mention that I got a $3.90 cleansing foam from Watsons?!!!

Brown rice cleansing foam by 3W Clinic!
Did a quick search when i saw that it was $3.90, lol typical Singaporean
No negative reviews so I decided to get it. Will only be using when I'm in China.
Pray that there won't be any breakout!

Gonna clear all the 1,000+ photos in my mobile (so i've the space for the trip, sigh no decent camera) tomorrow, update my playlist & look thru all the studio photos (a new project brewin'.. excited!)

Coming up next, :D

Goodnight x

<3 Char

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