Friday, 23 August 2013

Blessed 48th

Don't get me wrong, I'm not 48 but my beloved nation is! 
Hahaha. I know August is coming to an end soon but better late than never :D
(My theory whenever I'm late)

I realized that I haven't really post about the trainings previously so this is a post with all the complied photos (:

*Some photos are credited to respective owners/facebook*

Explaining about peak cap I guess lol~

One of my favorite shots ♥

Look ultra cute in those military uniforms! 

Happy Birthday, Singapore! 
You're close to my heart no matter where I go, xo

Camho while waiting to head over to Bel's 21st party! Photos below :)

Playing chess while waiting!
I rmb we used to sleep/eat when we were bored haha good ol' times

Never seen this before - polishing boots before actual parade

Very much in love with black and white filter 

Bumped into T who's doing guard duty~

Recorded the fireworks & here's a video which i uploaded to youtube (:

I get a tad bit embarrassed whenever I see this photo :/
Sigh, I blame it on time!

My new baby! 
It's so cute and I love it because everyone compliments its cuteness including mom! 
Thank you x 


Supper after the parade! Somewhere in Geylang lol~

Appreciation function at HQ the next day (: 


Bel's 21st at Costa Sands

We kinda took quite a while to locate the place :x 

Forever so thankful for them ♥

Supper at Chomp aftermath and yes, he decided to sit at the car boot -_-


Went hiking at Bukit Timah Hill this afternoon and I feel so happy!!
Been ages since i exercised and i kinda miss working out :'( 

On a side note - it's 9 more days to flying! 
Mom & I were talking about living conditions and I was reminded of Qitao.
I shall think of Qitao and be really thankful if Wuhan is so much better *fingers crossed* 

Gonna change money next week & feel like a millionaire haha wtf
i hope i don't overspend :\ 

OH & I'm selling my blue transparent satchel 


First one from the left.
Picture credited to Infinitepixie
I just received the parcel today but frankly speaking, I don't like the color :(
I chose hot pink (middle) initially but ran out of stocks and so i switched to light pink (last one) but also OOS -__- how unlucky!! 
Do email me at if you're keen to purchase ! 

Ok, time to update my playlist (procrastinating for days)

Bye, x 

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