Saturday, 20 July 2013


Love Will Remember. | via Tumblr

Truth is, I think I'm falling for you.
It wasn't on purpose. I tried controlling, I tried avoiding, I tried all means and ways.
But I just.. couldn't.

You never fail to make me laugh, even when you're sarcastic. I sense your passion when you talk about your past, present and future. Your charisma never fails to make me smile especially when you ask me to look at you in your eye. You made me roll my eyes yet smile in my heart when you said you could sing it so much better. I like it when we talk about everything under the sun. The trust in you, whenever i pour everything out to you, sad & happy. Everything seems so perfect.  

But when we talk about marriage, my heart died a little inside. 
I was never supposed to fall so hard, I was never supposed to be so worried.

You know your health, so please, just take good care of yourself. 

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