Friday, 5 July 2013

{ ANCOC Camp // 五只小熊 // F's blessed 20th }

the month which i'm looking forward to, ever since February 

Starting this post with MY face....... LOL
Anyway, i was supposed to post this last week :( 

Backdated to ANCO Camp in June! 

Held in SJC this year and it's so far!! 

Let me explain this picture (hahaha)
So i forgot to bring a pouch/small bag to put all my barang (mobile, notebook etc)
Thus, my darling girls came up with this creative "bag" which i could bring around hahhaa.
it served me pretty well for 1.5 days but died on me during hiking :'( 
I have to admit that I felt pretty retarded at some point of time because people kept looking at my... bag, lol

Note to self: ALWAYS bring a small bag to camp.

Teambuilding game!

Supposed to go for hiking on 1st day but it rained :( 
i think i used to be very happy (as a cadet) when it rained so we don't have to hike but now, i feel sad for the committee which spent effort and time in planning :(

Definitely NOT my fav part during camp, be it as a cadet or officer.

But my Sierrians made things so much better! :D
Cooked dinner for me cos I was busy! 

It's a pity it started raining when they were cooking so everyone had to shoo :/

Back of the house

HAHAHAHA i can't help laughing whenever I see this shot
Ok la, shan't be so mean since he's helping with me with this indian pot ;)

Hiking route! 
Never good at topo/map reading so i always get lost, even in S'pore :\

I forgot where's this but i love the scenery! 

Sierrians ♥

One of my fav part, cheering :)

Preparing for camp concert (: 

Emcees for CC 

Group photo before I left.
Such a pity that i had to work the next day D:
I realized that i have never stayed throughout the camp ever since poly days -.-

I love it how we all look so happy despite lacking sleep~

Not to mention, Z4 #gwiyomi


Sometimes, I wonder why am I doing this. 
But when I'm looking through all the pictures, I understand why. ♥


Had 五只小熊 with TW for dinner! 
Thou it's pretty a couple of weeks ago, I still feel bad for letting u wait :( 
SORRY (if you ever read this!)!! now i know not to have appointments on Fridays!

Our dinner! Virgin Visit!
Not the first time trying their food thou, had it for a farewell lunch previously.
love the shiitake mushroom!

Five Little Bears
Far East Plaza,
14 Scotts Road #01-07

Fried potato + chicken (= 

Forgot to snap pictures together, sigh :(
on a positive (and side) note, ALL OF US are going on study trip together in September! 
Yay, i'm so looking forward to all the cheap food & shopping hahah despite it being a study trip.
Hopefully we've ONE day off when we're back in school :D


Pique Nique
Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road

kickin' crab chowder

roasted chicken & mushroom mac n cheese 

would go back for it again!

this norwegian benedict isn't really to my liking :(
i prefer classic benedict

mushroom and sausage
not into cream-based pasta but it isn't too bad (:

It's F's birthday so we got her cake from Paris Baguette hehe

Hmm i wonder why the cake/candle looked like it's gonna fall, lol
but anyway, the surprise was a failure because of the server -.-

Happy blessed birthday, sweetheart <3
Hope you like the "surprise" and gift hahaha. 

Such a blessing to have these ladies with me, through ups and downs.
It's fated because we looked through an old photo (around 4-5 years back), and we were standing so close to one another in that photo, when we don't know one another yet!
They made me feel like i've made the correct decision to join OTC xoxo


Okay, that's about it and it's the weekends!! 
Which means to say, i've about 20 working days to go before i'm officially done with this shit. :) 
REAL COUNTDOWN starts now! 


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