Saturday, 22 June 2013

#teamnavy open house 2013

Oh myyyyy, finally back to blog about Navy 'OH!
Sigh, I missed quite a few weeks of posts and I've no idea why :( 
But anyway, i hope my memory don't fail me! 

SJAB Blood Donation x Navy OH '13
19 May 2013

Rare Sunday when I'm up & out early!

Fiery sun and messy hair BUT still can camho haha

SJAB first ever Blood Donation Drive at Headquarters with the Singapore Red Cross organized by Zone 10

Look who we bumped into :)

So we went off to Changi Naval Base after blood donation and assumed that there'll be no one cos it's the last day of open house BUT....................

wtf we were totally shocked! 

Camwho while queuing 

Amount of people was insane :'(

Boarded the bus, like finally, after queuing for 2h 
Gosh thankfully the hall is air-conditioned l if not we gonna be BBQ Pork

My second navy open house!

Very interested due to being a........... SJAB member lol
i was best friend with AED during FAC days
it would be so awesome if we use this kind of AED thou :P

This medic guy guided us and allowed us to try out the machine.
he said training days were hell when F said she's keen in being a medic -.-

#teamnavy ; present & future ♥

Someone betrayed RSAF.. Haha ok no, kidding:)

The crowd in dining tent is horrible as well 
But we were starving so we decided to get... FOOD

Not very awesome but at least our tummies were happy and we could continue our tour :)

Due to time constraint, we chose the shortest queue and boarded the ship! 

Bunk on board (:

So we ended the ship tour and chatted with the navigation officer onboard.
I realized that "mind over body" & "rough it out" are their fav quotes! LOL
True enough, being physically fit might not get you through the hell training but having a strong mindset will definitely pull you thru :) 
and it applies to life as well (aka internshit, tsk) 

Many many love for RSN ♥♥


D R E A M x

We wanted to board the ship before we leave but it's "closed" D:
Sigh, blame ourselves for going too late. 
And guess what? We queued for another 1h+ before boarding the bus out -.-
I think we spent more time queuing than exploring the place. -.-

That's all for open house and I shall not deny that I'm looking forward to the next one, hehe.

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On a random note, it's July in one week!
One step closer to finishing line and i totally can't wait.
To be frank, I've been counting down ever since February and finally smell freedom :)
A few more posts and i can say "I'M SO DONE!" 
Time, please do yr job and zoom ;)


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