Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekly Post #9 & #10

Back back back.
Miss the blog so much :( didn't manage to post last week sigh
The weather is so humid that it's making me feel so annoyed and frustrated.
Tsk, tsk :(

A new video talking about my frequently used make up products :)
Had to record a few times because i felt too awkward haha too long never record alr

So i went back to school last Saturday for internship/OIP briefing. 

The familiar lecture theatre.. Oh i miss lectures ♥
it's so ironic that i'm always trying to skip (pon, lol) lectures yet missing it right now. 
Sigh, life.

Cutie little Dora ♥ 
S brought her along and she's such a joy! 

Very amazed by my phone camera so she snapped around while i listened to OIP briefing. 

PS. Really can't wait to go for OIP with majority of my classmates! i think it's a good opportunity to "study aboard" and also get to enjoy before final semester kicks in!

She snapped her ferragamo-inspired bow jelly flats, hahaha oh why so cute leh (x

LOOK AT HOW SHE SPAMS MY CAMERAAAA and that wasn't all...


haha all her selca in the SAME pose/position. LOL.

There's still a lot more but it's useless to upload everything because majority of the photos are similar (refer above haha)
Oh wells, mostly unglam pics too.

Hope to see you soon, you little cutie! <3

Breakfast c/o of my brother who woke up earlier to prepare this for me!!!
Much love x

Found this in typo and i really love the phrase οΊ•

"Never let anyone dull your sparkle"

Queued for Laduree on Tuesday after work because Wednesday was Labor Day!
Aka no need work. Haha if only there's PH every single week :/
I've always wanted to try ever since its opening but no time to queue esp when the queue is horrible even at 7/8+ *sobs

So prettyyyyyy xxx

I got the classic box of 8 at $30.40 so it's $3.80 per piece. 
i must say, it's ultra expensive for such a small piece but worth a try imo1
I don't rmb all the flavors i got because most of the time, it's the staff who decided for me, lol.
he just went like "try rose petal, ok?" and i just nodded LOL!!
Okay, let me recall.. i had salted caramel, strawberry candy marshmallow, rose petal, pistachio (i think), coffee, chocolate & i-forgot-what..
But but! Please go try strawberry candy marshmallow & rose petal!! My ultimate fav!! 
Not for people who hate sweet stuff thou. :S
I'll probably buy the two flavors again and try out others. :) 
A pity there isn't any dine in. 
Imagine dining in, having macarons & english breakfast tea. Ahhhhh that's lifeeeeee

Laduree Singapore
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Boutique: #02-09
 Takeaway counter: #01-24A (near Chanel)

I would suggest taking a look at the boutique because it's so sweet & beautiful (:
Apparently B & I queued at level 1 and went up to level 2 to explore the boutique hahaa

Now moving on..GUESS WHAT I GOT?!?! 

like finally! strike off one item from my wishlist, hehe.

Been using it for a few days now and I'm in love with the scent :) 
VS No #1 best seller! Got it at ION outlet :)
I'm kinda thinking of getting their leopard-printed pouch... hmmm 

Sunday family dinner. Dean's cafe!

Dean's Cafe
267A Toh Guan Road

The cafe was introduced by one of the channel 8 shows previously.
But imo, there's nothing much to rave about..
The Chai Poh Hor fun (egg with chai poh and hor fun in it) is one of their signature dishes but i don't find it exceptionally yummy nor special. Didn't try their Crab with Bee Hoon :/
Doubt would be heading back anytime soon. 

Thanks for bringing joy to my mundane life even though you're hopelessly annoying at times, hahaa ♥

My mandatory selca at work every day :D

Got it from NTUC & I love it!!
It's oreo-inspired (lol) biscuits with strawberry cream! 

And i went for my virgin IPL session (: 
Signed up for unlimited underarm IPL for only $98!!!
@ Musee Platinum Tokyo - Scotts Square because it's nearest to workplace :D

ok, there wasn't any pain at all, swear! 
it's this stinging feel but definitely not painful nor uncomfortable.
i just felt ticklish when Lin was shaving hahaha. 
Am considering their Brazilian IPL as well, but frigging expensive sigh.

Lunch at steeple's deli when the canteen food sucks :/

Steeple's Deli
19 Tanglin Road
#02-24/25 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Tel: 67370701

Love the ambiance and i think it's quiet for lunchtime so no need to queue nor wait v long for the food.
Except that the boss was kinda fierce and shouted at his staff aka his family member
cos it looked like a family business..

B's brownie! 

My fish n chips! 

S's chicken chop.

We shared the food and i think it's just average.. i would go for the ambiance rather than the food :/

Meeting at HQ! 
Gonna be one more free Saturday before trainings/camps kick in, let's go!! 

Decided to go for a trim because the ends are split, dry and frizzy, like a mop :( 
i actually IG this photo and had a crap caption.
hahaha i guess it was due to the stress of snipping away my hair. 
i told my cute hair dresser (yes, he's cute!! my hair is so lucky to have a cute guy trim it lol what am i talking about?!) that i wanna cut short and he can decide the length that's best for me. 

it's the shortest i've ever snip!!! 
gosh. i was like omg... and he was so afraid that i'll be unhappy hahah (x
ok la, actually i am pretty cool with the length but i realized i'll have a problem tying it into a bun for SJ... mmm. nevertheless, i'm satisfied with it (:

after some love for my hair, it's my nails' turn!! 

spot the bling bling pink HK calculator hehe *^^*

I think their classic manicure is pretty cheap as compared to other salons.
I did express pedicure anyway! It was $15 with getting rid of dead skin + trimming it for me. 
I had ingrown nails ewwwww had to bear with the pain when she cut away for me. tsk. 

Relaxing while she's painting my gold combination color :D

There you go, i love the shine X

Happy 46th, RSN ♥♥♥
Check out Navy Open House on 18th & 19th May @ Changi Naval Base (:
Get more information on their FB page here
Am going on 19th, yay (: Gonna be a busy weekends but i'm looking forward (:

can't emphasize how cool Pink is!! 
Their live singing is as good as recording (check out their MV on YouTube pls!) 
everything about this video is good except Nate Ruess's body movement, lol. 
Or maybe he's just too engrossed in singing.
Nevertheless, i love this video and the song and I've been repeating it ever since B sent it to me!!
Thank you so much dear!!

I seem to forget the definition of "optimistic" and "happy" :/
Telling myself to stay happy/positive is truly difficult esp during this period.. 
I'm trying to get back the lost feelings again and i hope everything will be fine. x 

But how many things in life are worth it and how many times are we truly happy? 
What if we MUST do things which are worth it but we aren't happy? :'( 

Please stay happy.. Please stay optimistic.. It'll all be over in no time..

PS. Struggling with interim report now.. Though i miss writing reports, it's killing me because it's due in two weeks!! Tsk to procrastination. whatever happen to learning outcomes?!! On the other hand, I'm happy to submit this report because it meant i'm done with 50% of the marathon:)

Ok enough of my crap, back to MS Word...

Till next week, 

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