Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekly Post #12

Ah, yet another week has passed by. :) 

This is my weekly selca and because this is the toughest week ever, hence my gloomy face :( 

The week has been hell (& stressful) yet it has NOTHING to do with work.
It's all personal + school (yes, school, wth.)
It's the week of interim report submission and i've been surviving on 2-3 hours of sleep every night.
Procrastination VS Determination. :\ 
So finally, I submitted it on Friday. Wasn't the best report, i gotta admit.
Learnt a lesson and will do better for final one. 

There's other stuff other than report but all's good now so i shall forget (:
it amazes me on how just one call can make everything so much better.
thank you, for that 1 hour, for telling me all about mind over body and encouraging me ♥

Good food = Good life. hehe. 
It tasted soooo good! 
Ahhh feel like having some eggs breakfast now

So i got these new pencil cases on.. impulse :( 
it's not that i don't like them, i do love the design, especially the anchor. 
but it's TOOO small :/ 
Will be selling them i guess! 

Sinful supper when I had to rush my report. 
I love this strawberry cake from paris baguette cafe located at Wisma!! 
Tried the famous royal pudding (original)
A tad too sweet but other than that, it's awesome! 
Would love to dine in someday :)
BUT! The service sucked -.- 
I think the cafe would be perfect if the service is as good as the food, tsk.

Magnum Temptation!! 
I had to drink lots of water after having that :x
But the person's so kind giving us this sweet treat :D

That's actually all the pictures I've got..
No life, yeah? 
Anyway, i'm heading to NOH tomorrow so will probably have another post full of pictures :D
Saw a lot of pictures on their FB and i'm so excited!! 

I know I should be controlling my spending but I really wanna get a pair of these..

Transparent glass heels!! ^^
it's sucha beauty!
I've seen it on Taobao & other online stores but no sizes, sigh.
Will continue to keep a lookout! * fingers crossed*

On a side note, I was watching Crime Watch and wondered if the police officers are actors or real officers?
I know those in uniform who introduced the "crime" are real ones (duh)
But those who reenacted the scene?
LOL i know it's super bimbotic but i googled -.-
Apparently some are PT actors lol no wonder majority are pretty good-looking..

Two examples hahaha. I think I am crazy :x 

Okay, it's 1.30am and i shall go 

Life isn't a bed of roses. But that doesn't mean you should give up.

Till next week, ♥

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