Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Post #8

Starting with quote of the week! (: 
It's so true yet most people are always crying over the same thing. 
Why? Sigh. 

18th Batch's POP!! 

This spells GLORY
It felt like just yesterday when I just graduated. 
But it wasn't really "pass out" for my batch because we were actively involved even after POP :x
but very thankful for all that we fought for ourselves xx

A short 1 minutes plus video which i recorded :) 
Next time must have tripod and camera to record so i can watch it "live" :/

My military BFF hahaha. 
i hope we can realize our dreams tgt :) 
you, air. I, sea. ﺕ

On a side note, can't wait for Navy 'OH!

BIG Thank you for tolerating with my nonsense, rants & whines.
Through ups & downs, our friendship becomes stronger & stronger. <3

My weekly selca! 
It's almost halfway through the journey & i'll hang in there. 
Going thru this journey, I've learnt that mentality is the most impt of all. 
And i will rmb all my life. 

Swensens feast with my siblings because we wanna use the NS45 vouchers, haha thanks papa!

Aglio olio is one dish which i'll never get tired of! 

We kinda have a mini photo-taking competition and sis lost badly lol (mom was the judge) xD
it was a great evening with 'em and grocery shopping with bro after dinner. 

Taimei on a Sunday after meeting with GM for a short mini meeting! 
I love Taimei's sour plum tempura & caramel milk tea! 
Fat die me, but back to healthy diet for weekdays. 

Mommy's masterpiece and i smelt the muffin fragnant even before entering the house!
Not joking k. ;)
i'm a muffin/cupcakes kind of person and chocolate is too sweet for me. :/

So all these pictures sum up my week! 
It's Sunday, yet again. Sigh. I hate feeling so dreadful on Sunday nights but i can't help it.

I realized that I've been spending way too much yet still have so many stuff on my 

Mari Tote from Accessorize 

Benefit's high beam (wanting to try this since forever) 

Melissa X Jason Wu 

Casio Armor in White from Nakedglory (sold out, tsk)

Tiff & Co classic bracelet 

BB dark raspberry essential lipstick (this shade is so chio, swear.)

VS Bombshell (smells like bombshell, in love with it immediately.)

Chanel iPhone casing! 
Haven't got around getting a new cover for my new iPhone.

And the list goes on...

See what i meant? 
Money earned isn't enough for my needs :( 
I gotta work harder!!!! 

Back to whine to myself and reflect on my spendings. 

It's start of week 9 tomorrow and i'm close to 50% of completing the journey!! *pumps fist* 
i hope time will zoom past (seriously wouldn't mind at all) & it'll be August in the blink of an eye.

How i wish i could say, wake me up when July ends. 

Till next week,  ♥

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