Sunday, 14 April 2013

Weekly Post #7

HIIII starting this weekly post with my selca hahaha


I got so nostalgic that I developed my favorite shots so that i can see it now and then. 
I feel so old whenever i think of the past. Because the present is so horrible that i've nothing to be happy about. :( 

Can't wait for training to start officially. 
Gonna treasure the next few free Saturdays. ﺕ

Lunch with the angel. ♥
Really love the mee hoon kueh set with fried dumpling (SO YUMS I'M HUNGRY HAHAH)

Met W for lunch the other day & introduced Bari Uma to her. Glad she loved it!
Thou it was a short one hour, I'm so happy to catch up with her! (: 

Virgin visit to Marche with my favorite people! 
YES IT'S MY VIRGIN VISIT, wth lol, everyone's like so shocked

I'm gonna order this whenever i visit Marche. (;

How cute can this phone cover be?! ;)

Some people just like to eat clean when the girls ordered pork knuckle (refer to pic above hahaa)

E's #ootd at awkward spot because we were waiting for the crepes, hahaha. 

I doubt I would order waffles again. It tasted so... bland. :/

Love the crepe thou! 

Welcome to the big family, Jen! 
So happy to have new ones to share the workload HAHAHA.

Woke up early to have breakfast with W @ Cafe Epicurious!
Located at such a convenient place for both of us, rail way mall! 

Cafe Epicurious
392 Upper Bukit Timah Rd  
Singapore 678046
+65 6894 5926

Shared English Breakfast Tea (:

W's breakfast burrito! -$14.00-
the wrap is pretty good IMO!

My half of this & half of that, haha unique name lol
You can choose from three options - Egg Benedict, Baked Egg & Green Eggs(?)
I had egg benedict & baked egg because the server said Green Eggs tasted a lil bitter. Love the combination, i find it awesome! 

My accessories for the lovely Saturday morning :)

Popped by CBTL for their classic tart because i was craving badly for it! 
I rmb how i used to alight at railway mall just to get this and rush for class aftermath.
good ol' times :')

So glad to spend quality time with this girl because our schedule is so packed that we hardly meet. :/
Can't wait for your exams to be over so we could meet up soon!!!

PS. Ignore my haggard face. Didn't bother to put on any make up so that my skin can breathe over the weekends. :/

So i spent the rest of my Saturday chilling at home, catching up on my novels etc!
One thing i like about spending time at home is because time seems to pass slower as compared to if i go out ): 
I also try not to nap because time FLIES when i sleep -___-

AHHH double down max sinful lunch with the mummy & bro! 
it's so yummy w/o the cheese! not a cheese lover :x

Yet another sinful meal at our favourite Newton Circus ♥

Me with hearts bokeh, hehe. ♥

just a pity i've to control because of skin allergy.:( 

That sums up my weekends and as i'm typing this, it's nearing midnight which means the horrible routine starts again. * counting down to weekends, cries*

Before I bid goodbye (lol)...



Selling cos I just got an iPhone 5 yay!! :D
rly in a huge dilemma between iphone 5 & S3 but i still went back to Apple in the end.:)

Selling this vintage clutch/sling bag & geometric necklace. ;)

I'm halfway through this journey and I believe I've found out what's lacking. Like finally.
It's to be myself. That's probably the reason why i could be truly happy when i'm at home, in school, with friends, in SJAB etc. Because I can be myself, knowing that good friends & Ohana will accept me for who I am.
 It sounds so easy but it really isn't especially with everything at stake.
But i'll try my best to, because I know that's the only way to be...happy.
I just want to be... happy ﺕﺕ

Till next week, 

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