Saturday, 6 April 2013

Weekly Post #6

Starting weekly post #6 with a quote which was sent to me by Ting ﺕ
thank you dear :)

The past week went by pretty slowly and worst still, it started on a bad note. :/ 
I broke down for the second time last week and felt like giving up.. but yeah, got over it in a couple of days and it was early TGIF for me because I took half day leave on Friday :) 

What's better than TGIF?! Early TGIF! YAY!

Cute small packet of Vitasoy which my colleague's boyfriend got her.
So cute esp the characters! :D

Another colleague's sister got this strawberry kitkat from Japan & she passed me one to try :)
It's so nice!! Better than the original chocolate. 
Never tried green tea before but i don't think i would like it because i don't fancy green tea =x

I shall persevere & be the tough one. 

Vintage X Studs Wednesday! Happy cos it's mid-week :)

Met up with them for a quick dinner. 
Gosh, i can't express how much i miss 'em! 
And i miss all our jokes, laughters, whines & rants in class :(

My ultimate fav. Extra spicy!! :)

A pity S gotta go off earlier. But we stayed & chatted. :)

It was such a great evening. I'm so glad we decided to meet up thou the rest couldn't make it.
Just so hard to get everyone tgt esp those who's doing shift work. :(
Just gonna meet up in smaller groups in future. Can't wait for our dinner this coming Friday & JB trip in 2 weeks! 

Speaking of trip, i rly hope we'll get news of OIP soon. 
On one hand, i rly wanna get the opportunity to study aboard (thou only 6 weeks) but on the other, i wanna go to BKK and shop till i drop (lol). 
Flight tickets are rly cheap now but i can't be going both so it's... hanging there. Tsk.

Like I mentioned, I took half day on Friday to return to school to submit bursary applications. 
Lol, i'm so special because I had 2 people checking all 3 copies of documents. 

Aftermath, I met up with a special person and chatted before I toured the school..
(more about it later)

The place where I first started my education in NP.
Thou it didn't end up well, i still miss the one year plus there and those times with bacteria & agar. 
ok........kidding, i miss those times with the girls, ordering McDonald back to class and playing monopoly deal during long breaks ♥

Got my all-time-fav ice milo from Munch :)
Whenever i'm slightly earlier for classes, i'll always get it (or mr bean) before heading over to lectures.
Ok la, even if late, will also get it if i've cravings HAHAHA.
oh good ol' times :')

Wanted to snap shots of those corners where we always watch our M18 shows but library was close, sigh :(

I miss this Mount Everest. </3

While waiting for momo to meet me, i went over to the mall and popped by Seven Play.
Saw poker face with two girls which reminded me of Ting & I bugging him during our magazine project!
HAHAHA we literally spent hours there, editing the god damn articles and printing the magazine.
We even did one of our quizzes there cos we couldn't make it back to class! 
hahah, i miss those times, thou it was hell with deadlines. 
i miss poker face calling us the "magazine girls"

So back to the "special someone", don't get me wrong, i'm not talking about BGR or anything to do about it. I'm surprised that i could talk to him about anything under the sun, confiding in him about everything and saying things which i never dream of telling him. 
I felt so comforted & encouraged after the chat, & had the strength to carry on. 
It's as though he injected some "optimistic" into me, telling me that i can survive. 

Thank you so much, for being so sarcastic yet nice, for lending me a listening ear, for making me feel that I am able to go on because that's my choice from the very beginning. I'll deliver what I promise. :) 

Met Ting @ Star$ to chill & catch up. 
In love with caramel macchiato frappe! 

Just remember, no matter what, you'll always have our back! 
Rainbow after rain, sunshine after darkness, stay strong & we'll push through!

SATURDAY - big mess at the back of the car. 

The weather was soooo good to sleep in but we're up early in the morning for NDP 
it was such a sucky morning cos i woke up late, bag unpacked (as in SJAB stuff), uniform undone -.- 
Practically just washed up, showered & threw everything into my bag before rushing out of the house, tsk.

Our chief trainer giving his speech to the participants.
Amazing how he used to train us & now, we're officers volunteering for NDP'13 :)
Thank you, once again, for inspiring me to work towards my dream. 
And of cos, not forgetting the two sweet  ladies, who told me how worth it the journey will be. 
I hope this dream will become a reality in 3-4 years ﺕ

PS. I was having this thought that, if i could survive till July, i'll join them bravely & tough it out for 1 month!
Crazy as it sounds, but if i could push through this hardest period, i believe i can make it for a month.

Chuen Chuen for lunch. LOL @ the name.
It's a chicken rice stall opposite HQ.
reminds me of OTC course days when we're always either having subway or chicken rice for lunch -.-

I'm so happy cos I'm so influential that everyone ordered the same set as I. 
HAHAHA wth thick skin

One set on its own, excluding the drink. (: 


Momo was clearing the cupboard and she found my red umbrella from NDP'08.
Ohhh it makes me so happy reading all the messages again :) 
It was 10 Saturdays burnt (i think) but never once had we not have fun!! 

I miss Xueli, the girl who stood beside me in the contingent. We're forever chit chatting before parade starts & helping each other to adjust berets. Holy shit, always frustrated when we've to remove gloves just to visit the washrooms or adjusting berets. Complaining about the weather and asking ourselves, why are we torturing ourselves like that. HAHAHA.

XUELI!! behind that two photobomb -.-


oh and the good-looking marshal + mr bean + old chang kee + SAF + this + that, oh gosh, i'm missing those days! It's a blessing because I didn't even join willingly. So thankful that i was forced if not, it would be a total regret! 

yay i'm one of the lucky few who got red umbrella which formed the word "MAJULAH" with the white ones :) 

From the good-looking marshal ;) awwwww

Ahhhh weiting!!! You're so right! NAVY ROCKS! #teamnavy ! 

XUELIIIII! omg miss her! I wonder if she did join OTC. Hmmmm shall ask z3 officers next time. 
I hope she does! 

One of my favorite shot ;)

Okay, enough reminiscing. It makes me feel so happy (and old) just by thinking of those days. I can't wait to embark on this new journey, 
Many Stories, One Singapore - NDP'13 (48th Birthday!)

I hope time will fly so that it's the start of training soon. (=

Till next week, ♥

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