Sunday, 31 March 2013

Weekly Post #5 (Volume 2)

Second part to weekly post #5 ﺕ
Had a pretty bad Saturday because of some stuff but overall, am so glad to meet up with A & GM ♥

Pls pardon my messy hair, taken before heading to bed hahaha. camwhore shit. 

Had Hot Tomato for lunch & we upgraded our meals to get soup + drink + garlic bread
but there's only one piece of bread per set so it's quite pathetic -__- 

USA Pork chop & chicken sausages spaghetti
Can't believe i ordered the same dish as the previous time (checked my IG lol) 
It's still pretty good thou ;) But i'll try some other food next time, hahaha.  

Hot Tomato combo. 
3 of us concluded that this combo is meant for us because there's 3 of each item. 

A's carbonara. Not too bad thou i'm not a fan of cream-based pasta. (:

GM's tiger prawns spaghetti. This is niceeeeeee. 
The prawns' taste is very strong and the overall, it's very nice :)

Total bill came up to around 60 bucks for 3 pax which i thought was quite average. :) 

Shopped in taka and showed the girls this beauty ♥
Rly rly can't wait to get my hands on this in bright coral!! 
Had to ask A to carry the beauty for me to snap this shot hehe. 

Kope this from Coach's website.
Isn't it sucha beauty??? :D
Ok la, except the "keychain" which i don't rly fancy but can be taken off so no problem:)


Went to Prada and saw thissssssss.
Gosh, so pretty in this color combination :) 
But it's $3,825.............. *coughs*

B O M B S H E L L 

That's the caption...
because we are in love with VS Bombshell <3
It smells so frigging gooooodddddd oh god
Next week next week~

It's our first time meeting up (other than SJAB) ever since we knew one another 4 years ago. I love our never-ending-chat + all the gossips about everything under the sun. 
Blessed to know them & they're definitely gems to keep close to my heart :)

Okay, so I was very pissed ytsd because of this buyer & some other stuff
We were supposed to meet at Scape but she didn't reply to my WA and kept saying she can't see me when i was obviously there. Zzzz so retarded. -.-
And i wanted to get sophie kinsella's "i've got your number" from Times but i couldn't utilized the vouchers -.- made me more frustrated & worst still, it decided to rain -.-
had to walk back to 313 under the rain. 
& when i wanted to get starbucks to calm myself down, the queue was horribly long. 
wtf. luckily it was fast and i managed to get a seat on the bus if not i'll !@#$%^&*().
Tsk, that was why my Saturday was horrible in a way.

Ok, shan't brood over it. I'm met the same buyer at BP just now.
She should have just fucking told me she stayed at BP area. Kept saying red line red line. -.-
Wasted my effort of carrying the bag all the way to town ytsd wtf.
*pop a chill pill*

Looking thru my IG and i miss my shimmery/fanciful nails :(
esp gradient nails where Chloe never fails to surprise me with ^^
Can't wait to get internship over and done with so i can paint my nails in whichever color i fancy.
Anyway on a side note, i think i gotta find a job which allows me to paint my nails + wear all my accessories LOL.

Family dinner at Universal Coffee House~

Always satisfied with the food there:)
But i forgot to snap the XO beehoon soup tsk. It's their signature dish & i'm absolutely in love with it :D

As i'm typing this (updated for the 3rd time lol), it's alr 10+ and gonna be Monday soon....
on a positive side, it's gonna be a 4-days work week in the coming week because i'm hoping to take leave on Friday. Gonna head back to school to settle some stuff + NDP on Saturday THREE CHEERS :)


Taken in 2008 in the holding area. it's been 5 years and i'm really looking forward to experience this amazing  process again as an officer. NDP '13 :)

PS. I still have my red umbrella lol, not functional anymore but it has all the well-wishes on it so i can't bear to throw it away xD

Till next week, 

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