Friday, 29 March 2013

Weekly Post #5 (Volume 1)


Sucha happy day because there's no work + long weekends ahead.
As I'm typing this, it's past midnight which means one off day is gone :(
I'm kinda depressed that time is passing so fast...
and i'm only referring to weekends FYI

Since it's PH, weekly post came in earlier and there'll be volume 2 (lol) tomorrow or Sunday because i'm out meeting SJAB girls tmrw :) 
Finally we're meeting w/o SJ events! xx

It was a 3-days work week because there's orientation on Monday (technically no work) & Good Friday today! yay :D

I wish I've this coffee machine at home :( 

I swear I had 4-5 servings of coffee + 1 serving of tea.
All just to keep awake plus it's rly nice esp with cocoa powder!! 

Ermmmm this is chili mary? don't rly rmb & it's not to my liking either.

mandatory weekly shot to remind myself that i've survived another week

As of last week, 17 weeks more to go~ 

This is me going off to meet H for dinner

Had ramen @ menya kaiko 

Men-ya Kaiko
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-54 ION Orchard
Tel: 65098150

It was full house but we waited 5-10 minutes before we got a seat.
Both of us had chicken & pork ramen. H chose red miso while I got white miso as my base.
The red miso tasted saltier than white. I'm in loveeee with ajitama!!
Wonder how they make it!! So yums!

Food wasn't too bad but the bill came up to 50+ for both of us.
A lil steep IMO. 
Oh yes and the place is too small so each table is too close to the other, which made it quite uncomfortable & awkward. :\

Thankful to know you thru YEP. ♥
it's amazing how we've kept in touch even after the trip cos to be frank, we didn't talk much during the trip (i'm forever disappearing to wherever lol) & i've no idea how we started talking, hanging out tgt etc. 
Nevertheless, you're a blessing to me and a joy to be around with. ﺕ‎
Felt so nostalgic when we reminisced our times at Qitao.. I do miss the 2 weeks there when pace of life is slower, getting closer to nature and of cos, appreciating what we've here :)
On a side note, I hope OIP matters can be settled ASAP because i wanna go bkk!!! 
Snapped this while waiting for her to pay but hey, she was right behind me -.-

New bracelets from H&M
It came in a set and totally love at first sight!! 
i was queuing (fucking long) and i just saw -and love- it!! 
(and so, obviously i got it immediately)

Bumped into J and we took bus home tgt! 
I miss her so much!! Was rly glad to see her in ION! 
It was such a great catch up and I hope we'll fight harder & stay positive! ♥

Headed over to bukit timah to have dinner and i was feeling kinda sad...
It's the route to NP and this was the road which th bus will definitely take every single day.
sometimes, i hate myself. i'll ask myself, why am i always feeling this way?
why can't i just leave school aside and get these few months over & done with?

but i just can't help it.. i get depressed thinking about school.
i was at bukit timah shopping centre and i thought of all those times having lunch at pizza hut with the clique, exploring the mall because of project. i miss those late nights in school, rushing projects, meeting all those damn deadlines...

It piss me off a little when people talk about how much they dread school.. hello, it's so much better than internship pls? I've never expected myself to miss school, since i don't fancy studying. O well, i'll survive, & i'll treasure school times even more in October aka final semester.

Ok, back on track, Saizeriya for din 

mushroom soup

salmon cream pasta

pineapple & bacon baked rice

paella X oven-grilled escargot (major loveee) 

Bill came up to $34.20 for 3 pax 

Got pizza for my dearest bro who couldn't join us cos of tuition :(

Life is pretty mundane on weekdays because it's just work + home. I don't have extra energy to meet up with friends after work nor to go shopping. I just wanna zoom home to sleep :( Slowly getting used to this kind of life..

Some people are concerned and will ask.. "how've you been?" / "how're you?" etc. 
I know they care but i've no idea how to answer that. i'll always say, i'm surviving. 
I am, indeed, surviving. But there's smth lacking and i can't seem to know what it is. :\

I've come to realize that my "first choice" is always wrong.. i'm always taking a detour before going back on track. Sigh. i hope this doesn't happen again. please. 

And i just wanna be positive for i know i can do this (= 

And.. I found my second favorite Kpop song :)
CONFESSION BY FT ISLAND (dk why cannot put the video)
i heard it in etude house ytsd and H got me the title of the song. so thankful!
it's so so awesome and has been on repeat mode ever since yesterday ;)

PS. I like this guy in the band & i believe his name is Lee Hong Ki. but cos korean people look the same (imo only, don't kill meee), i can't be sure even thou i googled :/

Till next time, ♥

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