Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekly Post #3 & #4

Back with my weekly post posts.
I missed pinning down my thoughts in this lil space of mine. 
Didn't manage to post last week because... i forgot why. :/
And fuck, as i'm typing this, it's raining cats & dogs outside with thunder. D:

But anyway here's two weeks worth of pictures! :) 

CBTL for lunch with B on one of those lunch breaks. (:
quite like the pasta but regretted not getting the all-day breakfast set.
oh wells, next time (:

New fluffy brush for only 5 bucks & in my fav prints, leopard prints! :D

Swee Choon for dinner with The Family last Sunday ♥
it's my fav. dim sum place thou it's not rly accessible and always long queue during peak hours. 

Our feast hehe. Always tend to order too much and have trouble finishing up all the food :\
But nevertheless, it's so yummy & my tummy was happy ﺕ

Tried their custard bun for the first time & i must say, it wasn't too bad! 
Would order it again the next visit. 

My mandatory weekly shot to indicate that i completed another week of the journey :) 
it's gonna be #week5 next week & i'm so happy because it's 3-days work week yay.
Monday is orientation (so technically no work) and Friday is PH!
Happy me is happy when i'm gonna collect my parcel and meet up with a few friends this coming week. :)

New bracelet from FUC♥
it's a facebook shop and u can just click on the name/picture to be directed to the page. 
bought it on preorder and only costed 7 bucks! haven't got the chance to wear it out thou :(

B made breakfast for all of us ^^
Smoked salmon & scrambled egg on toasted bread. So yummy!!

Looking at this plant makes me feel that i'm so close to Mother Nature!
Our in-house florist decorated it :)

Big Breakfast to accompany me in the morning. 
Love it that McDonald is available near my workplace! + Starbucks too! Hehe, all my favorite.

Bari Uma Ramen for lunch with the two lovelies!

Bari Uma Ramen
19 Tanglin Road
#B1-01/02 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Singapore 247909

Small-sized Ajitama Uma. Mad loveee the eggggg! 

Steamed gyoza.

Kinder Joy!
I don't fancy chocolate but i love the element of surprise because of the toy!
Damn, i feel like a young girl all over again.

Second event which i attended. 
Totally love our ballroom! So pretty & the decoration was so elegant! 

Finally had Astons for lunch! 
Went to the new outlet at Bugis+
I rmb how we always lunch at Astons whenever we've SJAB events at HQ.
I miss those good ol' days so much.

Forever having nothing else but iced chocolate. 

Soup of the day - cream of mushroom

Had chargrill chicken with pasta salad + mashed potato

Shopped around Bugis+ and it's so much different from Iluma.
To be frank, it was my virgin visit to the mall and boy, i'm awed! 

Some SJAB lovin' on Saturday because it's FAC!

Registration at 9+

Awaiting for their results, it's THAT moment which everyone is waiting for the entire day.

Trophies are so pretty this year! I like the starry design & the ribbon. :D

That day ended off with dinner and then home sweet home.

I really do miss SJAB. 
I miss those times when I first joined OTC & attended every single event without fail.
FAC, ANCOC, PN, Walkathon, AGI/BGI etc. 
It's really amazing how bonded everyone was, how we had dinner together after every event and even supper if we leave the school/HQ late. 
As the year goes by, things change. People leaving, policy changes. 
It kinda saddens me to see things become like this. 
This year is my 8th year in this organization & every event never fails to remind me the very first reason why i decided to join. At times, i would feel like I've regretted being an officer cos it's just so tiring juggling SJAB and other commitments. But, attending every event makes me happy and satisfied. 
Idk how to describe this feeling. There're too many reasons to leave yet none of 'em is good enough. 
And because, i can be myself truly when i'm there. I guess that's the most impt thing out of all ♥


And i still remember that 4D3N, vividly.
Waking up at 4am for route march, "blue pegasus" out of nowhere even when we're in the shower (wtf), taking group photos and got scolded, dozing off during theory lessons, SOC....

2.4km twice every morning/evening, triage in the entire school, confidence course etc etc.
Not exactly the most enjoyable camp (cos it's tough training) but i'm glad we survive through & it's been 4 years :)

Because of 'em. ♥

Ok oops, why am i being so sentimental. 
As i'm typing this, it's 4+ in the afternoon which means almost half of my last off day is gone:(
I'm so depressed every Sunday (esp at night) cos i'll have to work my ass off for the next 5 days.
Ratio of 5:2 is certainly NOT enough. 
Tsk. 17 more weeks. I'll pull through :) 

& before i end, i wanna recommend this HK drama "No Regrets"
It's fucking awesome which earned so much of my tears. -.-

Noregrets title.jpg

Currently airing on weekdays, at 10pm on channel U.
But i found the series on Youtube so i'm watching it right now! Hahaha.
It's so so so awesome & definitely "no regrets" watching it! ♥

All my motivational quotes which i'm reading at least, twice a day to keep myself going on. ﺕ
Can't emphasize how impt it is to have positive thoughts! 

One of the notes i typed 832 days ago. "Tomorrow will always be better" :) 

Till next week, ♥

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