Saturday, 9 March 2013

Weekly post #2

HIIIII i'm back for my weekly post :D
So sad to only post once a week but seriously, I've nothing to post about except for Fridays and Saturdays when i head out for some fun ;( 
and these kinda days will continue for another 5 months.. i wonder if i can survive

so for now, i rly like posting because it's where i can pen down my thoughts and of cos, it "indicates" the end of one week. #21weeksmoretogo

Act Cute Me. LOL.
I realize that i don't usually "twist" when i'm taking photos. hahaha

Attended company's dinner & dance a couple of weeks ago.

I loveeeee the food! hahaa all prepared my our chefs and it's so yummy! 
damn hungry nowww :( 

Beef noodle for lunch on one of those days! 

Popped by this lovely cafe for lunch with the two lovelies! 
They're rly a joy to work with, teaching me patiently and forgiving me for making those mistakes ﺕ‎

Aglio olio was so disappointing. :(
i would prefer it to cook with spaghetti rather than linguine.
i miss pastamania's & swensen's! 

sauteed mushrooms is good!! love it! 

carbonara with bacons! i think it's their signature dish!
I'm not a fan of cream-based pastas, but enjoyed every bit of this dish.
neither do i like tomato-based pasta like bolognise :x

Our dessert! 

Really nice to have lunch with 'em and chatting about everything ;)

Went over to Clarke Quay for Songfa Bak Kut Teh with my momo!

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
11 New Bridge Rd  
Singapore 059383
6533 6128

PS. They closed on Mondays!

It's my virgin visit and Now i know why they're forever packed!
Used to work at Clarke Quay & i'll always pass by Song Fa while walking over to The Central.
FOREVER. CROWDED. be it lunch or dinner or any other timings!
plus they've two stalls - one without air-con, one with air-con.
Momo & i were rly lucky to get a seat with air con but it's kinda stuffy given that there's A LOT of people. :/

Yay melty kiss from colleague!
i've never tried it before but it's really niceeee. 

Friday evening: Createaf Waffles with my dearest W! (something i looked forward to the whole week)
So nice to see her after so long! 
It's located at The Cathay & you can check out their FB page here. :)

Sausage and floss waffle! (S$9.90)

Lovely Peach! (S$9.90)

I would prefer the sausage and floss to lovely peach mainly cos the peach don't go well with the waffle IMO!
Overall, i would rate it 5 stars out of 10 & i highly doubt i would go back anytime soon.

We walked over to Bugis hoping to have Ah Chew but the queue was damn long, as usual. -.-
So we went over to Honeymoon Dessert! Gotta queue as well (everywhere need to queue even for washroom tsk. the cab queue was horrible!)

YAY my fav mango pomelo with sago + grass jelly!

W's mixed fruits with mango juice! apparently she said the fruits are rly sour awww

Feels rly good to catch up with her ♥ 
It's so amazing that we've lots to talk about even if we've not met for so long. We could bitch about anything and everything, chat about everything under the sun and laugh at each other ;)
it's a priceless friendship which i'll hold close to my heart <3

Momo got me these OPI nail polish! 
So thankful for her support for the past couple of weeks and for making me a happy girl :)

Saw these cutie HK polish in Watsons!
the packaging is so cute and i was so tempted hahaha!

My sexylady treated us to Swensen's and we had a feast LOL!

Salmon & mushroom pasta.

Aglio Olio.
Damn, i've never tried this before (given that i'm an aglio-lover), because i don't think it'll be nice since Swensen don't "specialize" in aglio (lol).
HOW WRONG I WAS. Gosh this is good! 
It's a very simple dish (no seafood, only mushroom) but i could taste the olive!
reaaaally good and reaaaaalllyyyy spicy (plus point hahaha!)

Fries with sauce. Our must-order whenever we dine there.

Creamy mushroom. Our must-order #2 whenever we dine there.
it's usually very nice but this time round was kinda disappointing. :(
too salty!

Our feast X Paul frank. HAHA

That was how i spent my Saturday! 
Oh yes, i went back to school to get a new laptop for my bro and gosh, I. MISS. SCHOOL!

Yes i snapped the bus stop and the pathway which i always take when going for shuttle buses (aww i miss it, i miss queuing for the buses even when i'm late hahaha)
Ever since i started internship two weeks ago, i miss school.. a lot.
i've always thot i'll enjoy internship (given that i don't fancy studying) but things don't always go my own and it's so different. 
ok back to point, don't ask me what i miss about school. cos i miss EVERYTHING about it. 

i miss laughing and joking with my clique. (i miss the girls.. so damn much)
i miss our Monday movie dates (cos we've 3h break and we're always complaining because we only get to go home at 5+)

i miss sleeping in class. (haha wtf. it's my hobby lol)

i miss bitching about lecturers (yet i super miss them now! there was some days when i feel like texting pineapple, telling him i miss him. yes, wth i know)
I miss walking the overhead bridge every morning

I  miss squeezing in 184 (now i go to the interchange to take 190 or 700 zzz)

I miss waking up at 6 for IS class (thou always complaining la. speaking of which , i kinda miss those IMAGE days)

I miss.. just everything
i even had this thought of "maybe i'll be happy if i fail modules this semester so that i can get out of this" i know this is bad and i'll NEVER want to fail any but it's just one of those stupid and foolish thoughts.

and please, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I hate my workplace or anything along that line.
My supervisor & colleagues are great (to be honest, they're awesome -not sarcastic ), the people are friendly, always greeting and smiling even when they don't even know me. 
talk about cosy environment :)
But i'm not used to... it. I am afraid of.. i don't know what.
that's the worst part & that feeling is killing me. :( 
Fridays evenings and weekends are so priceless and i'm looking forward to my clique's monthly dinners and 28th of every month (i'll buy myself a gift every month after pay day lol motivation for shopping queen).

Just wanna thank my mommy who's always there for me. 
 i think she has "suffered" too ever since i started work. she always wake up earlier to ensure that i would be punctual and always leave some food for me so that i don't go hungry. she's always there to listen to my rants, my whines and whatever that i gotta say. without her, i rly doubt i can survive (so i wonder how people survive having overseas internship). I'm thankful for her, for all that she has done, just for me, purely out of love

So after this sort-of-long feelings paragraphs, I guess.. i just need some more time.
some more time, to find out what's lacking. 
It's not easy but i hope it's gonna be worth it. 

To all my friends who's in the same boat as myself, i just hope they'll hang in there for everyone is in this tgt and we will survive. :)

Till next weekend, ♥

(credits to weheartit)

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