Sunday, 3 March 2013

Weekly Post #1

OHAIYO ahhhh i miss writing on this space sooo much!! :( 
My last post was on, 22nd and it's alr 2nd March today!
Gosh it's been a couple of weeks and prolly the longest i've gone "missing" given that i'm still in town (just busy cos of work)

started internship a week ago and i've been dead tired everyday! 
will talk more about it in my next post ok! 

Gonna spam pictures of family dinner at buffet town a week back!

New gold slippers from Bata! Only at $12.90 and it's pretty comfy! yay :)

Buffet Town
Raffles City #B1-44E
Singapore 179103

Best to make reservations because their business is so good! 
Forever long queue if you didn't reserve! time for new outlet! 

I guess the seats are too close to one another so it's kinda squeezy esp when it gets crowded :S

Cookies and cream were not available by the time i wanna get some ice cream!
Tsk :(

hehe. long queue for it thou :/
bro & i took 4 plates when it was our turn and mom went over to queue a 2nd time hahaha

Kids' play area so that parents can eat while kids enjoy themselves!
Very good idea :)

Messy hair after feasting!
never fail to feel so bloated after buffet ):

simple #ootd for that night! 

Ending off with a cutie :) 
credits to weheartit/facebook (i forgot, sorry!)

It's Sunday which means back to work tomorrow...
Shall talk about it next Saturday.
Can't post on weekdays because I don't have time to switch on my laptop, let alone a new post:( 
sigh, this gonna continue for the next 5 months. Bless me please.

Till next week, ♥

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