Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Will u be my Valentine, my love? ♡

as for me, i'm stuck at home with my lecture notes and.. the heavy rain :(

this is what i do when i'm bored studying :(
when will next Tuesday come?

Out for family dinner ♥

Painted my nails in "casino royale" for CNY :')
anyway this is super impromptu cos i was bored studying (again!!!) so i decided to paint.
can't wait for pastel half-moon nails after exams! 


credit to whoever. 
i'll leave the half-moon (green part) transparent thou :) 
coral is sucha nice shade :) 
hehe gonna show this to Chloe and hopefully she says this is nice (lol, i'm easily influenced by her)

Lou Hei = <3
i don't eat all those carrots & what's not except salmon and the biscuit hahah wtf. 
but i love the feeling of having it with my family :)

credit to whoever.

there, the biscuits. HAHAHA

what's on my wrist when i'm off to grandma's place for bai nian :)
should be Vintage X Spikes lol. 


Okay, that's all from my pictures update!!! xx

new addiction :')
oh, he's so so so charming in this video!!!
enjoy xo

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