Friday, 22 February 2013

wild honey X graduation ceremony X jb

Wild Honey for lunch with T :')
they've two outlets and we patronized the one at scotts square

Wild Honey - All Day Breakfast
6 Scotts Road
Level 3 Scotts Square
Tel: 66361816

T recommended this place and i love it ^^

It wasn't crowded at that timing so the noise level wasn't that high. 
Just right for catching up (:

We ordered a pot of Egyptian chamomile to share :)
it was nice w/o the honey IMO. T prefer it with honey thou. 

Love the ambiance & decoration

Both of us ordered the same breakfast set - European :D
yummy eggs benedict! loveeeeee
They've English, Tunisian, Santa Fe etc! 
A variety for you to choose from!

Other than yummy food, awesome atmosphere, there's... CUTE SERVERS TOO!
HAHAHA ++++ point pls! 
I wanted to snap a pic of their decoration then this Caucasian server actually "posed" for me LOL!
he's so cute omg! i was actually *sweetened* (according to T) 

we went to shop a lil at Ion before going on separate ways. 
under her influence (haha "blaming" her for tempting me), i got a VS make-up set!

THIS!! Got it from VS website cos i'm too lazy to snap my set. 
it's really cool cos it's "portable" and i can bring out any palette i wanna :)
i hope it'll be a good investment! 
was deciding between VS heartbreaker perfume and the make-up set.

SO CHIOOOOO! I can't even. 
Really attracted by the packaging and the sweet scent! it wasn't too strong and T loves it too!
As i'm typing away... i'm thinking if... i... should... get it? HMMMMM


Going for sis graduation ceremony yay.

With mom while waiting for the ceremony to begin. (=


Reposted from Instagram (@loveatbravery): 
Others might think it's no big deal but i'm so proud of you today. it wasn't an easy journey but i'm glad you overcame everything. the next stage is in a couple of months and i hope you'll strive for the very best in your future endeavors. <3

On a side note, there'll always be this minority who look down on ITE students (tsk) because they think students there are those who "can't study" / "are lazy" / "can't be bothered" & all the bullshit stuff. But no, you should be ashamed of yourself if you're having that mindset. I'm not saying this because my sister is from ITE, it's because I've friends who were from ITE and are doing so well now. :) They studied hard in ITE, moved on to Poly and now, a graduate from local university. and the best thing is, they worked hard, strove hard for their success and are humble of their achievements. Unlike those who are arrogant and take everything for granted. -.-

Thou I'm always arguing with my sister, ganging up with my bro against her (lol), I'm confident that she'll do this family proud. :) 


Impromptu trip to JB with mom. :)

Had our usual Ah hua kuay tiao for lunch. (:

Used to be this shabby-looking shophouse but this outlet is SOOO MUCH better and cleaner. 
BEST PART IS, it's opposite KSL City!!

Lunch. :D

Went over KSL and did my pedicure.

yes, a male manicurist and his nails are more bling than mine, hmmm
(no offence to anyone!!)

If only i had all the colors.....

End product. οΊ•‎
so in love with this pastel color!
was in a dilemma between this pastel color and my usual reds/pinks. 
so happy i chose this in the end yay! (: 
now it's just my fingernails.. :(

Didn't shop much & was back home in the evening! 
Collected my blazer (sent it for dry cleaning) and i suppose i'm ready for 6INT next week hehe. 

♥, till next time.

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