Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pictures say a thousand words

School finally ended last Friday (x
well exams are up next but first, it's CNY!
due to all assignments, projects and tests, i don't have the CNY feel :( 
AND MOST IMPTLY, I'm spending it in Singapore = boring / not much visiting :(
rly miss the family in Penang and i hope they've an awesome celebration ♥

blessed "snake" year ahead *kiss*

Ended our last presentation for year 2 :) 
it was a tough week but i'm glad we survived. 
so gonna miss the girls when we're out for internship..
rly rly hope we can all go for OIP tgt! stupid arrangement -.-

Class pic!! 
I'm not very sure if this is our first class picture.. :/
not exactly close to every single one but i'm glad we don't have to change classes every semester like some courses :') 
Thank you miss wee for both photos! :D Apparently i took from her FB.. HAH


Dinner at Watami the other day (:
 and gosh i was shocked when the male servers knelt down to take our orders (virgin try, pls forgive!) 

Watami @ JCube

2 Jurong East Central 1 Unit #01-17
Singapore 609731
Tel: 6684 5300

Love the fresh sashimi! 

This clams soup is mad love! I'll prolly order again the next visit! 

Cheese fondue. The fondue is too thick for my liking esp after a while. :(

Caught The Grandmaster. Dozed off for a while at the beginning. :/
But i gotta say it's nice towards the end:)


Yay all my fav dishes into one! Happy eve of CNY <3

Fav. part of CNY - Hotpot! 
it feels different having hot pot on normal days as compared to reunion dinner haha~

New accessories for the festival (excuse to shop lol) 

Painted momo's nails for her :)
it's such a pity there wasn't time to pamper my nails sigh.
gonna paint pastel color after exams yay motivation hahaha


Lunch with DPP mates after our test aka last lesson.
They've been such a nice bunch of people & i hope we'll be a class again in the next module :)
Dined at Izzi Restaurant and Bar (right beside Pines' Cafe)

Ended off with a group pic, xo


It's CNY Day 1 and i'm at home studying ): 
so sad, isn't it?
kinda worried for the two papers next week zzz. 
lots of memorizing work + application tsk.

Okay, off for some feasting (at home) before hitting the notes (sad life me)

♥, Char. 

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