Friday, 1 February 2013



and there goes the first month of 2013..
time, why you wait for no man?


Finally collected my Taobao parcel & i'm so happy with the HK keyboard protector and my new scheduler. :) ok, actually i didn't know it's an organizer till i received it, hahah. I've always thot it's just a normal notebook. oh well, pleasant surprise :) love the mustard hearty knit top too! a little warm outdoors but it's perfectly suitable for lecture class :D

Watch my Taobao Haul video :)

If you wanna know the links to the items i bought, click here
it's in the description box. :D

PS. Idk why i sound so kiddy/act cute at the beginning, lol. and i look constipated in the thumbsnail. HAHAH


With A on the last day of class :'(

Thou we always tease one another (actually tease the guys more xD), I really enjoyed their company and i hope we will still keep in contact. A fun bunch to be with, xo.

Full length shot for dining etiquette the other day.
Same pic as previous post except this isn't reflection ;)

Had pastamania with 'em for lunch after class, yay to aglio olio!
i'm craving for it alr!


Hawaiian personal pan pizza - SH's favorite ;)

Hut's platter! 

Aglio olio

Chicken royale w/o pineapple.
it tasted so much better w/o the pineapple :)


Dinner at Tze Char stall near my crib after project! 
I can't emphasize how much i love this group and all the fun times we had tgt  :)
gonna miss this bunch so much during internship 


Arm CANDY. :)

Swensens before hitting my crib for PROJECT, yes again!

Fish n Chips x Cookie Summit

Mac n Cheese 

Chicken Victoria 


With the end of this month, it's getting closer to exams and... internship. 
i can't wait for OIP in September. it's prolly my only motivation now (':

Right, gotta go! And before that,

Don't change yourself just to please everyone else because whatever you're.. 


Take care, xo.

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