Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Part 2: Penang/Thailand

Continue from Part 1 (read here) :)

So we drove all the way to Hatyai! 
Took us 5-6 hours before reaching Thai's customs :/
Damn, I thought it's only 3-4 hours -.-

At Thai's customs

Camho early in the morning LOL

Stopped by a temple :D

Uncle had a hard time locating the hotel so it took us another 2h car ride. Sigh, but we survived.

We had connecting rooms so it's more spacious ^^
with us all grown up, it's not possible to squeeze in one room anymore ):

BREAKFAST! Oh famished us!

I literally LOL when i uploaded this! what an expression tsk!

My kuay chap. it's rather yummy except that it's too sour. prolly due to the vinegar :/
the porridge was dope thou!! didn't snap any pic :(

Sea of watchessss



We popped in to this hotel opposite ours to ask about the rate (& use the washroom lol) and there stood this beautiful x'mas tree in the lobby!! 
it looks more atas than ours so i reckon we'll choose this when we visit again :)

Had oreo ice blended and it was quite niceee!!
cuzzies all ordered after tasting mine haha

Power of sixx ♥

I'm not a fan of donuts but these were reaallly good!! 
it wasn't too sweet nor bland, just nice! Aunt bought two more packets back home!
if only we were flying back to SG right after this trip, i would definitely pack some home! *drools*

FAV FAV broccoli for lunch yay!

Prawn fried tanghoon: DOUBLE DOPE!!
Can't see the big prawns cos they were all hidden under the tanghoon HAH
we had this on the last day too, lol!

Ah my sexylady acting cool!

PS. My youngest cuzzie bought that hat at 100baht (=RM10)

All discussing the rates for tuktuk while i was snapping away hehe!

On the tuktuk to floating market! ^^

Oh, chanced upon this cute HK bike along the streets!

Floating market (my most fav part of this entire trip!)

ice pops! just like those in SG's pasar malam ;)

Got a floral mini pouch and floral belt from this lil store :)


My doraemon mug with orange juice!
it was rly special but such a burden to carry that around :/

My most favorite shot <3

All the bugs. I wanted to try but no sampling -.-
if i were to buy a packet, nobody would wanna share with me *sobs

Got my leopard prints hair clips hehe. 

Mini sushi! they look like playdough but it's edible! never tried thou 

Sexylady wrapping up like a mummy after a long day!!
it was such an eventful night cos the masseuse who was supposed to come up to our rooms didn't appear (wtf) and cuzzies were all waiting for her. in the end, we had supper before going to bed, lol. so fun going on trips with them cos of their pure innocence :)

SECOND (and last) DAY


Got this bling HK watch at one of the night markets!
Super cute, I LIKE! :)

MUST-HAVE mango sticky rice at Thailand!!

So that concluded our Hatyai trip :)
Short 2D1N but we had lots of fun tgt 
anyway, this isn't the type of place where i'll visit again anytime soon and it's nowhere similar Bkk.
So don't expect too much if you're visiting this small city of Thailand! 

Back to Penang.

Had Look yuen for lunch on our last day :(
It's my must-go restaurant whenever we're back to M'sia!

their signature fried tofu! MUST-HAVE MUST-HAVE!

This is 大树下.
 it used to be under this big big tree but it has since renovated & became this hawker center kind of place.

beef noodle. D O P E 

Ice Kachang. idk why but the ice kachang in m'sia is so muchh better than SG!
I think cos the ice isn't that hard? like it'll melt in your mouth hahaha. 

And i shall let my selca end this trip :)

My current addiction: Jay Chou's 黑色幽默 x 

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