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Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare ♥ (review)

Have problem with acnes?
Always troubled by acnes??
Can't face the world because of acnes???

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Left to right: Acnes Sealing Jell, Acnes Creamy Wash :)

Acnes Medicated Skincare provides a full range of skincare products for teenagers & young adults with acne problem :D 
Plus plus, it's #1 BEST SELLING Anti-Acne Brand in Japan! AWESOME OR WHAT?! (:

Did a video to show u guys the texture of the products and how i applied :) hehe.


sorry if i look/sound retarded! hahaha! 

Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash

Really love the texture of the creamy wash :)
I've a combination of dry and oily skin but i'm so thankful that this facial wash doesn't make my skin any drier nor oilier! 
In fact, it improves the condition of my skin & i feel so refreshed after every wash <3
also, it's very smoothing unlike some facial wash which will make your skin feel so tight & uncomfortable!
Other than the texture, it has a nice smell! So don't worry that it'll smell bad :D
BEST PART is that it'll prevent breakout which is what i'm most afraid of! Haha.

Acnes Medicated Sealing Jell

Just like the creamy wash, this sealing jell helps prevent pimples (yay!!) and it's oil-free ^^
My skin condition has worsen ever since i came back from Malaysia/Thailand but it has improved after using the sealing jell :)
it also contains vitamin E & B6 (mentioned in the video) which will prevent dry & rough skin.
Reallyyyy multi-function right? :)
as for the smell, it has a mild nice smell and definitely pleasant to your nose!! 
As you can tell from the video, applying the jell wouldn't make you any uglier cos it's transparent! DOUBLE YAY? :D

In summary, i'm in love with these two products & i'll definitely try other products such as Acnes Oil Control Moisturizer, Acnes Nose Pore Strip etc etc!!

For more information, feel free to visit their facebook page here & their website here. :)


So i did a What's In My Bag video out of total random-ness LOL 
Pardon the poor quality cos it's recorded using my macbook photobooth! :/

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xo, Char

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