Monday, 14 January 2013


As I'm pinning this down, i'm feeling very grateful to all the nice people around me. No, I'm not being sentimental nor emotional. It's just that, I felt so blessed by someone today. This person isn't someone related to me by blood, not my papa nor my momo. This person isn't someone whom i know for very long and neither is this person my good friend. But today, this person made me feel so protected and that, there'll always be someone there for me, no matter what happened. After that phone call, i realized that i've let everything go and that included my ego (not literally but yeah..) & "i-can't-lose" attitude.. i've come to terms that everything happened for a reason and when one door shut, another one will be opened for me. 

I know you'll never read this but still, i'm very thankful for you. You don't have to say all those stuff but you did. You don't have to do all those stuff but you did. For that, thank you and i'll forever rmb how good and nice you're, to me. 

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