Friday, 25 January 2013

a peek into my (boring) life

Oh boy, how time flies! It's February next week!
January has been really hectic, with lots of stuff every single day! Fatigue is kicking in and sometimes, i wonder if i'll break down from stress or simply just give up. Every night, i dream of lecturers tellin' me about assignments and projects (ya wtf, can't even sleep in peace at night). :/ 
Somehow, i hope i'll get all these over and done with but i'm not ready for internship :(
even before going for it, i know i'll miss school and all the fun times with everyone! 

Okay, shall stop whining! 

#ootd for dining etiquette.
one of the most tough meals ever in my life tsk. 
had chicken chop and the knife was too blunt to cut up the chicken skin -.-
i'm kinda sad that next week is the last lesson ): 
so blessed with a couple of friends in this class (we only met thru IS) and i'm gonna miss 'em!

our Zone 4 notice board in HQ :)
no words can describe this kind of relationship x 
love? hate? idk.

had this jumbo chicken sausage with spaghetti for lunch the other day.
gosh, the sausage looks rly awkward... are u thinking what i am thinking? ;)

Celebrated E's birthday at Attitude Arts during lunch!

Attitude Arts 
No 1, Jalan Anak Bukit
Bukit Timah Plaza
Unit 01-29 & 15
Singapore 588996

It's just right beside Popular! (:

Camho after our #projectshoot at my crib! 

Make-up artist hard at work! 

and i wonder why would someone be so obsessed with themselves?
oh my selca.

A pretty fun yet tiring night with the girls at my crib! 
We stayed till late working on the project but had lots of fun! (:
can't wait for the end product + edited photos! Hang in there x

Wanted to head over to Milly's for nails therapy but it was packed and i didn't have any appointments :(
So I DIY and remove the gel polish for my interview. Now my nails look so unhealthy...

Me in my formal wear for interview. 

So thankful to have her with me and I'm so glad things are more or less settled.
Now, I just need to forget all about it and focus on upcoming presentations & exams.
YES i can do this! 

And i shall end off with.... (nope not my selca)


Found her pic on facebook and she's so cute + pretty! Mixed blood! ♥
She's gonna be a 大美女 when she grows up! :D


So excited to collect my taobao parcel later ^^ yay new video of my haul (stay tuned!)
gonna head over to starbucks for some "me" time & to complete some work (i hope!!) 

Ok till next time xx

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