Wednesday, 16 January 2013


FIRST DAY OF 2013 = 01/01/2013 = MOM'S BIRTHDAY
yes, her birthday falls on this very special day aka first day of every new yr :)

Decided to have her birthday dinner at Owen :)
feels pretty weird cos we always frequent Ah Yat (right beside Owen) LOL 
*betrayal hahaha*

Owen Seafood Restaurant
200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994
+65 6875 1895

Camho-ing while waiting for the receptionist whom MIA for a while (wtf)

Yay! i bought Fifty Shades of Grey so that i can start on it while waiting for the food! 
Chapter 1 has been good but i've been too addicted to Rookies' Diary (taiwan drama) so got no chance to continue reading :(

PS. I purposely place the novel there to snap this pic HAHAHA LAME

First dish. Love love this! 
the salmon was fresh and mad love the one in the middle (white pieces)
idk what exactly it was but you can see it when it's still alive.............. (pic below)

there you go! GEODUCK CLAM!
Mad mad good! can't wait to go back to have it again!! :D

Pig (aka me) ate Pig (dish) LOL 
I prefer peking duck thou! Maybe shall have that for Pa's birthday next month (=

Not to my liking :\
still LOVE my chili crab with fried mantou!! *drools*

SUPER MAD ULTRA LOVEEEEEEEE (sorry for sounding so exaggerating)
Reaalllyyy awesome! I can't believe we didn't order this before when dining at Ah Yat. Tsk. It may look like normal ee-mee from Tze Char stall but TRUST ME, taste x10000 better!!
Now this falls into the must-order list!! :D


Outside the restaurant. 

So that concludes our first day of 2013 :')


It's going to be third week of school and it has been soooo hectic with projects, assignments & deadlines! Last week was rly bad cos we've to Stay in school almost everyday till 8-9+, even came over to ma crib till 10+ :\
I literally feel the stress (i'm not stress easily imo) and am so afraid that we can't complete all those projects on time :/ 

Ok, gotta go back to my assignments & what's not! :(

xo, Char.

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