Sunday, 16 December 2012


IT'S TERM BREAK *throws confetti & sing song*
hahaha finally got thru a hectic term and now it's time for a break before the next term kicks in!
leaving for Penang on Tuesday after JB trip with the class! (:
Excited for all the shopping + food *beams*


Finally met up with this bitch after sucha long time!!
I've totally no idea when was the last time we met tskkkk

Popped by Milly's after last paper and did my nails while waiting for N. (:
My second visit and still the same satisfaction!
virgin visit here.

PS. That's WY in the reflection! haha bumped into her at the salon! 

oh speaking of last paper, it's sucha a challenging one.
all the answers came from all those small lil parts of the notes. :/
plus it wasn't emphasized during the lectures so i just read thru :( 
worst thing was, i forgot the formula to find the area of circle zzzz 
so much for all the maths tsk 

While waiting for Chloe. :')

Chloe removing my gelish nails. :D
She's sooo cute and sweet! Such a joy to have her as my manicurist!
Plus, you can trust her "taste" in the colors/designs! ^^
Oh did i mention that she changed so much in less than a month??!!
Not exaggerating but it was pretty tough trying to recognize her when i got there!

oh anyway, she reminds me of one of my colleagues from A971. Hmmmm maybe they're sisters????
since both of 'em are Malaysians.. 
Ok shan't side track lol, spent around half an hour there and we chatted about her journey as a manicurist, my school life and everything under the sun!! :D

(Thanks to N who snapped this for me *kisses*)


Had to steal a pic with C&K purse from their new collection!!
Haha so hot pink and it complements my nails!! :)

 Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-131
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723 (appointment!!)
*would highly recommend Chloe*

I'm gonna get my CNY nails there as well :)
Can't wait!!!!

Went for sakae sushi with N after my nails therapy!! (:

I can't believe we're always so sneaky after our tea time buffet, lol!
Cos we are forever NOT finishing our food -.-

#ootd! love my bag & armswaggggg <3

Such a great night with her - bitching, gossiping, htht :)
People always say secondary school friends are always the best & i can't agree more ♥


Saturday with YX

While queuing for OSF's clearance sale 
(typing this reminds me of my disappointment) 

Look at the horrible queue at 11+! 
We queued for two hours before entering.
Should have skipped this sales and went for the warehouse sales instead:(
oh wells, unluckyyyy us

Had Frolick after a disappointing morning
Headed to Scape for Maybelline's Th'INK Fashion Flea after window-shopping at Bugis

[credited to Maybelline FB]

Some fashion runway going on but all the girls were so tall with their 5" heels and i can't see clearly -__-

OOHHHHH FOOD!! Old town for lunch-cum-dinner.
My chicken rice w/ curry chicken! noms

YX's prata with curry!

Back to childhood

Look at the dangling bears ):
it was such a pity but........

the staff sorta got 'em for us hahaha! 
we were in such a dilemma if we should try again cos it was sooooo close!! 
and so, we decided to give up & get the staff to put 'em back to the machine 
(selfish us but we don't wanna others to get 'em lolll)
instead, he put at the "door" and all we had to do was to put other $1 coin in and both will get out hahaha
i kept the green santa hat while YX kept the blue headphone one :)

Maybelline's goodie bag from the fashion flea.
am giving away hollyhoque voucher here. hop over to take a look. :')

My green hat santa and new mascara from Maybelline. 
Got it at 16 bucks instead of retail 21.90 :)
Hopefully it's good! rly love their Magnum ultra comb!

Also in the goodie bag is their lipstick in toffee cream!
Haven't got the chance to try it but the shade looks nice :D

Long Saturday out shopping and i was so dead tired by the time i got home!
No more shopping till next week ):


Some random pics...

Momo cooked seafood aglio olio on one of th days last week when i was still struggling with CT.
She took this plate to my room and told me it's "爱的鼓励" ♥
She always tell me that she can't help me in my studies but can only encourage & support me by cooking/buying my favorite food for me.
Aww can't express my gratitude for having her around
she's my confidante, my buddy, my best friend & my pillar of strength. ♥ 

Taken from FB. 
Gonna kick start 2013 with an empty jar and hopefully on 1st Jan 2014, i'll be smiling to myself for all the awesome stuff which happened in 2013 (: 

Arranged my accessories/skincare table
Finally i see some hope cos it was horribly messy previously :\
threw away some spoilt accessories and kept those unwanted ones in the cupboard (now, messy cupboard zz)
New "home" for my shades, lol. it used to be lying on my table as well.

Random night with sexylady angel.
"When i was young, the Christmas trees were tall. When i grow up, the Christmas trees became short"
His random song which frigging sent us into laughter fits! <3


是你给我力量 让我能勇敢的站在舞台上
是你给我信仰 让我能找回信心不再彷徨~~~

My heart goes out to those in the tragic shooting event in Connecticut. I pray that all the victims would rest in peace. And i also hope for the best for their family members and friends ♥ Stay strong!

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