Monday, 10 December 2012



Got up pretty early (ok around 8+ but early to me) and headed for breakfast @ Bella Vista!
Going for Chinese cuisine cos Papa wanted it (:

Their menu is always ready the day before (yah wtf lol) so we can decide which cuisine we wanna makan :)
yknow like pre-planned LOL

I think i forgot to snap pics of the "actual" food like dim sum and some other stuff.
the bread, cornflakes and milk are all self-service at the buffet line :')

Le sexylady angel with the Christmas deco at the entrance of the restaurant <3
the santa looks so cute!!

Headed to Parthenon Pool for Charles Bach's Underwater Escape magic show!! :D
We were pretty early (i suppose) but there's SOOO MANY people alr!! 

Snapped this from 2nd level. JUST LOOK AT THE CROWD!!!

The magic was rly breathtaking ! 
He was tied up by some audience (macho guys according to him) by metal chains and he had to untie himself underwater (w/o coming out of the water duh). 
Quite hard to watch from 2nd level cos we can't see what he was doing underwater but he came out after 3-4 minutes ! 
*thumbs up*

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."


My fav shot out of all :)

Freebie for membership lol (poker cards haha)

Planning for the day ^^
i think i quite like planning for itinerary or smth of that sort =x 

Most important people in my life - Papa & Momo <3
We actually took a family pic with this showy Christmas tree but i look too sucky in it = no upload ;)

told ya it's #forevereating :D


Went over to Galaxy Of The Stars to watch Oppa Gangnam style performance (=

The trainer/teacher was soooo flexible!! 
i don't mean to sound pervertic or even disgusting but his BUM was soooo....
Ok, nevermind, u gotta watch the video below to get what i mean!!

Such a pity can't zoom in to him :( 
he isn't bad-looking irl when close up lol! 
ok, out of point HAHA
quite regretted that i didn't video th entire dance ):

We were pretty late for dinner (like half an hour to closing) cos we went to swim and were so reluctant to leave the pool :( 
it was closed for cleaning during the earlier part of th day as metal chains were in the pool for the magic show (underwater escape)
so thankful that we got to swim hehe. no one was using the pool/Jacuzzi except us! 
Shiok ^^

Western Cuisine for dinner :')

Smoked Salmon Rose (:
we wanted more servings of this but the kitchen was closed when we wanted to order sighhhh

Pan fried chicken liver & seasonal field greens. :D
I forgot which is which, lol. 
anyway both not to my liking except the lettuce -__-
there were also beef consomme & cream of broccoli but i didn't snap pics ):
the cream of broccoli was awesome!!! <3

Main course! i think it's their special cook for that day.
I forgot its name thou :/
But the beef/chicken (i forgot too wth) was too hard for us. :/

Pan fried fillet! It's actually dory fish (:
OUR LOVE!! we had three servings of this, LOL!!

Desserts :)
crepe with ice cream! their special desserts for the day hehe

Cut fruits. Nothing special, it's just.... fruits LOL

idk the name but it's some crackers and international cheese thing :S
not to my liking cos i've never liked cheese. but i love the grapes + walnuts :D

Ice cream (:
Good to end the dinner!
We were the last table to go. 
So thankful that the servers were all so friendly & patient even thou we were taking our own sweet time. =x
on a side note, all the staff there were rly nice and helpful. i've never complained about their service for the entire 3 days. :) definitely worth the $$$ just for the food and service!! :D

Went to the casino after dinner and supper aftermath (oh yeah, food AGAIN)! 
Wanted to watch The Avengers at 1+ but i was too tired :(
knocked out right after my shower :(


DAY 3 OF OUR GETAWAY (and last day sighh)

Western breakie @ bella vista :')

Mad love the century egg porridge! one of my favs :D

My set (:
it's actually "refillable" (lol) so i ordered a few more hash brown aftermath =x 

Momo's set, with red bean =)

Their western special: Waffles with syrup
they had Asian special as well but we were too full to order :(

Went back to the cabin after breakfast & prepared to check out *sobs*
Met that gangnam style guy at the auditorium!! omg should have asked for a pic (x 

Snapped this at harbourfront center! Our cruise for the past 3 days (:

Such an awesome getaway and it was a very-needed break esp when CTs is round the corner (ok, actually it started as i'm typing this.) 
Thanks to papa and momo for bringing us <3

Looking forward to Thailand trip next week! 
For now, it's 4 days to freedom! Imma befriend my notes right now


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