Wednesday, 5 December 2012


WHOOP WHOOP, went for short "getaway" on Superstar Virgo!! :D 

Reached Harbourfront centre super early and walked around while waiting for le family. :) On a side note, it totally slipped my mind that i had to alight at Harbourfront centre cos i took 61 instead of the usual 963, which will go all the way to interchange. So thankful that i woke up one stop before i had to alight if not i'll most likely end up at Eunos :/ 


Took this pic painstakingly.. lol. Sounds retarded to say this but cos i was standing at another angle, ready to snap this on IG. BUT BUT this buay paiseh guy just walked past me so i can't snap, duh. ok i thot maybe he didn't see me so i just waited for him to past. IN THE END, he stood in front of the sighboard with his luggage pffff. I WAS LIKE !@#$%^&*() So i just stood there and waited for him to go off lol (retarded me) hence the "painstakingly" HAHA xD

Waited for my gramps and we were all ready to check in yay!! Excited cos the last time i went was decades ago! :'(

Waiting to check in :)
Everything was going pretty fast so there wasn't any queues nor waiting time, happy me :D

Walked a super long corridor before reaching the life lobby 

Camho while waiting for momo. (':

our cabins were @ level 6! (:

Corridor leading to our cabins.

My cabin key card (':

Our room for 5.
It was rather squeezy and there wasn't much space to move around. ):

Just snapped a few pics of the room and we were off for dinner!!
*food makes the world goes round*

Welcome drinks @ the lobby: Fruit punch (top) and champagne (bottom: worst that i have ever drank wtf)

With my dearest sexylady angel <3
Momo helped us take this while waiting to proceed to the restaurant (i forgot what we were waiting for)

Dinner at Bella Vista!! (':

Queuing for table

Menu for the night ^^

My chinese tea.
Been addicted to it ever since i liked tea
Used to hate tea when i was younger...
so now it means i'm getting old hmmmmmmmmm

My fav dish is the one at top left!! 
SHO AWESOME that we actually had three servings!! LOL.
some kind of squid according to the menu
whatever it was, IT WAS WONDERFUL *drools*

there were still a couple of dishes and a soup. 
all the dishes were to my liking & it was sucha great dinner which ended with..... DESSERTS hehe


vintage phone which was all around the cruise. 
me like vintage stuff!! ^^

We got ushered out (stupidly) after dinner to watch this life-saving demo.
Ended up taking pics of the beautiful Singapore xx


Singapore <3
Really wanna get a decent camera. ):
next year next year~

SSV's Parthenon Pool!! 

Charlesbach _wonders _ssvA

[credited to SSV]

Went to The Lido to catch the magic show! 

His magic was sooo amazing esp the ending performance!! 
Momo and I were awed by it! 
We couldn't wait to watch his underwater escape the following day! (:

The Lido auditorium.

My i-can't-do-without momo *inserts lots of heartsssss*

Walked around to upper deck to enjoy the scenery :')

Sexylady angel HAHAHAHA love love

we may fight, we may quarrel, but blood is still thicker than water <3
cheers to kinship 

Galaxy of The Stars to watch Bingo Game and some shows!

The unique Christmas tree at the lobby!
I wonder why it didn't light up :(
such a pity cos it was sooo pretty!! like snowflake 

Walked around, slacked and IT'S TIME FOR SUPPER HAHAHA.
really 吃喝玩乐! nothing short of that ^^

Had supper at Mediterranean Terrace cos that's the only restaurant with supper! 

So basically our worlds went round for 3D2N cos it was food & play & food & play

retreated back to cabin after supper!
washed up and played card games till we fell asleep
ohhhh life's good :')

Can't wait to go back to Gran's and Thailand trip after CT hehe
one week to freedom yayyy


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