Friday, 7 December 2012


Am sitting at MacDonald typing out this random chunk lol 
Waiting for le sexylady angel to end his tuition class but i'm not in the mood to revise so....

Update pics from IG (@loveatbravery):

Christmas deco at West Coast Plaza
went over to WCP after class cos one of our exam questions would be on WCP -_-
i pray it would be manageable & i'll need to memorize all the info on WCP since i'm not familiar w it :(
Had Xin Wang for lunch and went to explore the mall!

both came at one go and the feeling of seeing two parcels when i got home was....... SUPER SHIOK
hehe satisfaction of a shopaholic and only shopaholics will understand hehe ^^ 

Here's my love from taobao *throw confetti* yay
am really in love with all the items!
very satisfied esp with the affordable prices!! :D

My new Anna Sui flip mirror iPhone cover <3 :')
it's so classy and chic! 
i think this cover will be one of the reasons why i'm sticking to iphone 4 lol

Taken during my first IMAGE class (:
i'm so glad i wasn't alone!! 
so worried prior to the class that it'll be #foreveralone :(
can't wait for the next lesson (next yr wtf lol) cos there's make up for le girls!!! 

Kofia vintage watch (from taobao also lol) and my pearl bracelet~
after looking at this pic, i realized that both doesn't match with each other zzz :'(

Macarons from Bakerzin <3
th colors are sho prettyyyyyy & it made me smile just by looking at it (x

Was at star$ earlier to mug (:
quite productive i must say! esp when there's my fav toffee nut frappe and NY cheesecake!

Wore my vintage long leather square studs watch out today (: 
planning my next purchase & imma gonna get "clothes" for my macbook, like after a couple of years ever since i got it LOL

Credit: To the team who designed this
This is a magazine in the form of shopping carrier!!!! 
Many many thumbs up for the creativity! :)

Classic Tart in class :D
love love love this yoghurt from cbtl
how i wish there's cbtl at BPP too!! )':

sexylady angel brought these photos back from Gran's lol
CNY reunion dinner a few years back! we were all soooo young~
oh how i miss those good ol' times..... my angel was so much cuter then hahaha!

Beauty love from my Aunt :)
she got momo to bring these masks back for me! 
hehe thank you!!! can't wait to see you next week xoxo

PS. the choco masks (at the top - in brown) rly smell like choco!! LOL

Trying the bird nest collagen mask (referring to previous pic: blue package)
Breakout is soo scary during exams period :'S
doesn't help when i'm a night owl and always go to bed at 5+ sighhh
i hope my skin condition will turn better after the CTs
pimples pimpes, go away~

"When the world says give up, Hope whispers One More Try"
Stay strong, have faith xx


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